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1. Long [97823 words]Absolute Obsession by C. Elizabeth [Mainstream/Romance]
2. Long [78693 words]Spirit of The Season by Dorothy Bodoin [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
3. Long [91612 words]Nice Girls Can Win by Suzanne Hurley [Romance]
4. Long [54529 words]Heavenly Gift by Kay Moradeyo [Romance]
5. Long [80515 words]Erika and the Mysterious Mr. Lagren by JoEllen Conger [Romance]
6. Long [71937 words]The Promise Tree by Linda Rettstatt [Romance]
7. Long [64331 words]Desert Shadow by Eileen Harris [Mystery/Crime]
8. Long [69837 words]Pacific Paradox by Kev Richardson [Historical Fiction]
9. Long [111473 words]Of Dove and Falcon by Mary Brockway [Historical Fiction/Romance]
10. Long [79655 words]The Secret Room of Edit House by Dorothy Bodoin [Mystery/Crime]
  1. Long [104884 words]The Pirates of Aden by Daniel Rasic [Suspense/Thriller]
2. Long [95142 words]Satin and Steel by Teresa Morgan [Romance/Suspense/Thriller]
3. Long [84513 words]The Witches of Foxglove Corners by Dorothy Bodoin [Romance/Mystery/Crime]
4. Long [88601 words]Annie's Heart by Barbara Edwards [Romance/Historical Fiction]
5. Long [106463 words]Coma Coast by Robert C. M. DeCaprio [Romance]
6. Long [50045 words]Country Boy, City Girl by Cynthianna Appel [Romance]
7. Long [63929 words]Coffee, Tea or Love [An Over the Hill Series Novel] by Sherry Derr-Wille [Romance]
8. Long [61596 words]Lord of High Cliff Manor by Irene Pascoe [Romance]
9. Long [116981 words]Heart of the Forsaken by Angela Verdenius [Romance/Science Fiction]
10. Long [115880 words]Soul of a Mercenary by Angela Verdenius [Romance/Science Fiction]
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Absolute Obsession
Triggering an intervention of fate, 42 year old Rose Gerbaldi, discovers her heart and soul have been forever united with beautiful, 30 year old, British movie star, Michael Terrance - - a discovery that compels her reality to firmly reclaim her, consequently devastating the very lives fate had so lovingly entwined.
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Spirit of The Season
Danger mixes with holiday cheer for Jennet Ferguson as a collie is accused of plotting her owner's fatal accident and a ghostly ice skater returns to haunt the lake where she died.
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3333 Years
Tut emerges into the modern world and becomes sought by government agents. From the past King Ay and his High Priest, a master of the Book of the Dead's black magic, have also been reborn. Tut must now face the agents and somehow defeat his former mentor's evil High priest.
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A Betrayal of Butterflies
Only one person wants Gordon Aldridge to succeed in his mission of bloody revenge, and Gordon's ultimate survival is the last priority on that person's agenda.
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A Colorado Destiny
While having lunch with her best friend in a crowded restaurant, Danielle Stevens locks eyes with a stranger across the room. She looks away, startled that she thinks she has seen someone from her past: someone she never wants to see again. At that moment, Blake Wallace, the recipient of her stare, asks his companion if he has ever seen someone who seems familiar but doesn't know why. His friend laughs, teasing him that he has had too many women in his past
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A Confidential Man
Elliott tries to deal with all the rumors and innuendos circulating around the newsroom while coming to terms with his own sense of trustworthiness and high ethical standards. Can he discover the truth without betraying confidences
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A Ghost Town Vampire
A sworn tomboy finds love and danger when she trades the big city for a mining ghost town, and falls for its undead deputy
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A Gift of Butterflies
When, with just a fluttering of butterflies in your stomach, all your enemies will die; you must be very, very careful how you treat your friends.
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A Hard Place To Find
Chris Gabriel left JAG to do something more ethical, more honest. He found his niche as a PJ. When an old flame shows up on his doorstep begging for sanctuary and his silence, he can't turn her away. The man who never lies, is forced to do just that. When her husband is found murdered in Gabe's apartment, and she has vanished, Chris is the only suspect. Offering her sanctuary was one thing, but taking the fall for murder quite another. Or so says his JAG attorney, Claire Janova, who must defend ... more info>>
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A Kart For Lindy
When high school freshman Lindy O'Brian sees a go-kart in action she dreams of building her own machine. Only a few minor details stand in her way--she's broke, most of her friends think she's nuts, and enemies she didn't even know existed are out to get her. The technical hurdles are nothing compared to the crime she and her friend Burt must solve on their way to building...
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A Lethal Quest
London cabby Frank Barnes is left 250,000 pounds by his estranged mother. But how did she die? Frank seeks answers, but only unearths more questions; the most disturbing of all: is she really dead?
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A Lonely Heart
Cosseted all her life, Lani Morgan inherits a fortune, but yearns for a loving family. The chance to grab that arrives when two youngsters talk her into taking a flat in their house. Their father, Ryan, is enchanted by the air of intriguing melancholy about his new tenant. Will Lani's lonely heart find the love she wants above all else?
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A Long Highway
Micah Stewart is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. He's bored with his job as a sports writer. While he maintains a good relationship with his ex-wife and children, he feels unfulfilled in many areas of his life. A random act of violence in the workplace forces Micah to hit the road in search of meaning to his life. Will he find enlightenment? Can he find happiness again? Can he find contentment at the end of the long highway?
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A Man for Mom
Lizbeth holds onto past memories that still haunt her concerning her dead husband. Now ten years later she marries a man younger than her, still having doubts if she should even go through with the marriage. The ghost of John still haunts her on occasions. She would do anything to rid herself of all these images. She keeps a journal since all the torment started when she met and married John, hoping that it would end her heartache. When she marries Mark, and he discovers her secret journal, he h... more info>>
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A Man from the Sea
Dr. Sara Mitchell has a successful psychiatric practice, a new beach house and because she was unable to save her drowning brother, a case of guilt the size of LA. The last thing she needs in her life right now is another challenge. But the sea has a way of changing that when the tide brings her a shipwrecked Irishman with no memory of his past, but a strong desire to change Sara's future.
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A Mermaid in Paradise
Angelina Guerra decides to end the cold war with her estranged sister by attempting a reconciliation in the Bahamas, the site of her distrastrous excuse for a honeymoon two years before. However, things don't go according to plan as Angelina finds herself mixed up with a handsome British agent as he attempts to recover a fortune in stolen Nazi jewels. So much for her vacation! On the plus side, agent Devlin Shay is charming and well-mannered. However, he loses points because: a) he's gorgeous an... more info>>
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A Mission of Evil
June McDowell, Terri Jewell, Ahmed Zawaibi and Kim Bessinger were innocent bystanders pulled into a whirlpool of conspiracy by terrorists plotting to destroy Denver Internatioanl Airport. Khalid Kadrim, Ahmed's cousin, came to Denver on the pretext of a visit. He brought a group of terrorists with him and invaded Ahmed's home and life. June did not know her act of kindness to Teri would put her life and her family's in danger. Terri perished but her friend Kim doggedly searches for her not reali... more info>>
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A Murderer Among Us
The envelope contained half a dozen photographs. Lydia stifled a gasp as she stared at more than she'd ever hoped to see of Viv Maguire. A shawl had been draped over one shoulder, discretely hiding her bulging middle and considerable thighs, while displaying one drooping breast. The smile, no doubt meant to be enticing, had a gruesome intensity that sent shivers down Lydia's back. Lydia shoved the photos back into the envelope and returned it to its hiding place amid the napery in the drawer... more info>>
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A New Day
Berlin 1846 ... Caroline lies in bed listening to the drip drop of rain as it beat against her bedroom window and as it fluttered down from the eaves. It was still dark but soon would be morning and she had yet to fall asleep. Her mind raced remembering Mama and Papa whom she would never see again. She sighed and stifled a sob. If only Papa had not died--if only Mama had not acted like the little fool she was, I would still be able to call this room my own. But die they did, and tonight, is the ... more info>>
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A Passing Fancy
After Jenny opens "Lilly's", her dream resturant, her love life heats up when Wade Modine, the blonde-haired, gray-eyed wayward guy, becomes her business partner and lover. But just when passions soar, he vanishes without a trace, leaving her broken-hearted. Devin Worthington, the elegant Englishman with demons of his own, enters Jenny's life and forces her to face her fears and use her psychic gifts. Fear keeps her from committing and it takes the passions of each unique man to move her closer ... more info>>
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A Precious Jewel [An Over the Hill Series Novel]
When Julie Weston asks Devan Yates to spend the night with her on New Years Eve, she doesn't realize that within a matter of hours her life will be turned upside down. Devan never thought that his best friend from high school would become his lover. When fate tears them apart, he knows he has lost more than someone he casually went to be with, he has lost the only woman he really loved. Getting her back will be a challenge.
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A Risk worth Taking
Loving Chad Matthews was Nikki Nolan's one great gamble. She lost. Now an accountant, she prefers numbers to a man's empty promises. When John Henderson literally knocks her off her skates, Nikki's anger doesn't stand a chance against his charismatic charm. John Henderson swears he's a changed man. The lure of womanizing that caused an international incident at last year's World Championships is gone. He'll have to prove he's serious, not just to Nikki, but to the entire figure skating community... more info>>
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A Safe Place To Hide
When Daniel Fraser's wife died of leukemia, he crawled into himself, not willing or able to come out and play. The thing he longs for most is a safe place to hide. Not so for high-spirited Parisian, Sophie Riene. To Sophie, life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing. Sophie longs to see Daniel smile. With her joie de vivre, Sophie is able to save Daniel from his self-inflicted prison. But when Sophie' life crumbles around her, it's up to Daniel to rescue her.
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A Sweeter Revenge [A Christmas Belles Regency]
Winter holidays are an especially festive time in 1813 Regency England. The War of 1812 between Britain and America has all but ended, although another bitter war still rages on the European continent. Nevertheless, England's aristocrats entertain elaborate house parties, hosting new--and old--acquaintances during a frivolous season that is expressed by less formality and more enjoyment. Not hearing from Jordan Brisbane for five years after his abrupt departure for America that left her with a b... more info>>
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A Time For Love
Claire Vincent's unexpected encounter with old flame, Nick Sheridan, threatens the new beginning she's made for herself and her twin sons. Can Claire trust him enough to risk losing her heart to him again? Though Nick's long buried desire for Claire is rekindled, Nick isn't sure he's ready for a new relationship, or an instant family.
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