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1. Mid-Length [31318 words]Slaves Of Vengeance by Declan Brand [Erotica]
2. Mid-Length [38595 words]Blackmailed! by Longbow [Erotica]
3. Long [52694 words]The Club on Dorado Cay by Aubrey Wylde [Erotica]
4. Mid-Length [29991 words]Sex Auction by Hector McIntyre [Erotica]
5. Mid-Length [35032 words]Hawk by Shooter3704 [Erotica]
6. Mid-Length [28718 words]The Enforcer by Hector McIntyre [Erotica]
7. Mid-Length [41166 words]The Visit by Ed Edas [Erotica]
8. Short [22872 words]Life's A Bitch by Shooter3704 [Erotica]
9. Mid-Length [32324 words]Bedlam by V.W. Singer [Erotica]
10. Mid-Length [43890 words]Abducted and Enslaved for the Talistaun by W.L. Dowd [Erotica]
  1. Long [60854 words]Paradigm Shift - Book 1 by V.W. Singer [Erotica]
2. Mid-Length [40163 words]The Learning of a Slave by Passion St. John [Erotica]
3. Short [10966 words]Alternative Corporal Punishment by Richard Stryker [Erotica]
4. Mid-Length [32324 words]Bedlam by V.W. Singer [Erotica]
5. Mid-Length [43890 words]Abducted and Enslaved for the Talistaun by W.L. Dowd [Erotica]
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Naked, savagely beaten, a virginal anus repeatedly abused, culminating in a plastic bag placed over her head, sealed off with duck tape and chained to a wall, Karen discovers in what she thinks is the last desperate struggle for her young life, how quickly an innocent and daring exposure in the woods can escalate out of control. Blackmailed, she finds herself propelled down an irreversible tide of events, but who is pulling the strings? Karen is asking the wrong question. The question should be,... more info>>
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Slaves Of Vengeance
Sarah Jane, university basketball cheerleader - Kidnapped! Kristen, rookie cop - Kidnapped! The common link - they are sisters, and daughters of the Deputy Chief of Police, Robyn Scott. The daughters are kidnapped and humiliated as bait to lure their mother into the trap laid by a sado-masochistic group led by the son of a man she helped put behind bars. The videos she is sent of the suffering girls convinces her to follow the demands of the gang, but as she steps naked into the unknown she h... more info>>
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Alan was a soldier in Iraq when he came across Hawk - a powerful, masterful black guy - a born leader. Alan's wife, Suzi, had a real craving for some black cock inside her - and after they returned from the war she got introduced to Hawk and from there the craving became insatiable. Then when some friends come round one evening while Hawk is in residence, Hawk's impressive proportions become really useful and from there the party just grows and grows.
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Life's A Bitch
Life is a bitch and then you die. At least that's what they say. I suppose it can be a bitch but mostly it's what you make of it. That's what Bunny Hawkins discovered. Bunny was married to a sexually dysfunctional man who put her in many sexual situations with a host of men to compensate for his short-comings. Bunny learned how to adjust to her circumstances and make the most out of them. Authored by Shooter so of course it's interracial and it's loaded with all kinds of sex. Bunny tells us ... more info>>
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Sex Auction
Welcome to Crotchglen (pronounced Crock-len) and my latest collection of gold-diggers who are being turned into sexslaves. Discover my methods for converting these young beauties into the sluts their new owners will want them to be. We have held five auctions in the past three years and they have been a great success, with some thirty young and beautiful women now attached to and owned by some of the wealthiest men in the world who wish to avail themselves of the services I provide. I would ... more info>>
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The Club on Dorado Cay
Only three kinds of people know of the existence of the Club on Dorado Cay: the very, very rich who maintain it as their private playground, the dedicated staff who run the establishment, and young, beautiful, unfortunate women like Kris and Alyx who find themselves abducted to become the playthings of sadistic masters. Never in their wildest imaginations could they conceive of the twisted scenes acted out on the remote island. Faced with life as tortured and abused toys their only thought now i... more info>>
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The Enforcer
Carl looked to be such an unassuming man. His highly salaried job in a Software House as a systems manager would have been more than enough to keep most men in their late thirties fully occupied. But, outside the long hours he spent in the office sorting out technical problems, Carl had a dark and sinister second life -- a life where young women fell prey to his sexual demands and desires, for Carl is The Enforcer. First there was Dawn, the office big mouth and a definite threat to Carl`s own ... more info>>
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The Visit
Natalie Marshall 44 year old brunette beauty is on a mission. To all outwards appearances this striking successful woman has the world at her feet, beneath the surface is another story. Natalie is a submissive and a masochist, she is making this visit to France to the home of Tom Allen a male dominant. The purpose of this visit is to convince him of her suitability to become his permanent house slave. Tom believes that she could be the one he is seeking but is determined to test her to her ... more info>>
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A Nice Guy
There is an old saying that "nice guys finish last." This is a story about a nice guy and the woman he loved. Patsy Lynn Miller was the middle of five children. Their mother was a prostitute with a black pimp. This is a erotic love story that chronicles the life of Patsy and the chance meeting between her and Dan Parks, a nice guy. Dan tells the story with flashbacks from Patsy as she tells of her travels, tribulations, and erotic experiences. This story contains sex and lots of it. Sex with ... more info>>
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A Private Eye Full
Mike was a Private Investigator on a case. The husband he was watching was dormant, but others in the block were active - including a big, balck dude called Hammer. When Hammer got shot, Mike happened upon an attache case he once owned - full of lists of white women who'd do anything for black clients. And that was how Mike got to become a pimp and how, in the space of a short while he sampled the various women and fixed them up with clients, just before Hammer's brother appeared on the scene - ... more info>>
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A Wife Gone Wild
He thought he had married a shy, demure young lady... instead he discovered that he had taken hold of a sexual tigress by the tail. From the author of best-seller ABSORBING JANE.
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Abducted and Enslaved for the Talistaun
The radical Talistaun now control the globe, and they're out for revenge. With their new homeland established in America, they're ready and willing to use whatever methods necessary to capture and punish the leaders of their former enemy. Using a brutal militia army to abduct the wives, daughters, sisters, mothers and other family members of their prime targets, the captured, bound and tormented victims are delivered to the Nation of Talistaun, where torture and other equally horrifying fates ar... more info>>
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Absorbing Jane
DeAnna Sodus hits all the hot spots in this one. She pays special attention to humiliation and sex! Straight sex, lesbian sex, hot sex, wet sex and lest I forget?more sex! This book is a first volume that ends on a promise of more to cum... but after 88000 words of sex I was not too put out as my poor member was ready for a rest. So rather than hint at what befalls poor Jane, I shall simply recommend this book to any reader who doesn't believe that sex scenes should only appear every twenty pag... more info>>
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Ageless Beauty
Ageless Beauty is a two part story - both parts are included in this edtion. In part one Hank discovers a carton high on a shelf in the garage. Inside the box he discovers photos of his beautiful loving wife, Kyra, that prove she had a wild, wanton, wicked past. He gets her to tell him about her past and that produces some hard feelings, if you get my meaning. Hank got hard and stayed that way. Book two takes place a few years later when Hank urges his wife to return to her wild wicked ways. ... more info>>
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Alice In Wonderland
It started with Alice - a model for a photographer called The Shooter. She started wanting those tame poses, then slowly unwound until she posed nude - and then the sex began and got hotter and hotter until Alice could do no more than demand the big black cock fucking she craved.
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Alternative Corporal Punishment
Nine 6th form girls caught stealing are subjected to a session of severe corporal punishment. When the pain becomes too much, the evil head, Crimsley, offers them alternative punishment - but will the pain be any less as their young, firm bodies are tortured in ways they had never dreamed of. Contains, slippering, caning, the tawse, and enforced orgasms.
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Archer's Christmas Cracker
Mark, James and Rebecca, together with Archer set off to spend Christmas with their Grandmother who lives in the country. What is going on in the fields behind their Gran's house late at night? Who is living in the burned out ruin of the Priory nearby? Archer and his new-found friends, Henry and Elliot, two Irish Setters, set about solving the mystery in their own way, unearthing clues no humans could have hoped to find. The adventure gets even more dangerous when an old bunker is discovered in ... more info>>
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Archer's Christmas Cracker
Archer's second adventure with James, Mark and Rebecca. Mark, James and Rebecca, together with Archer set off to spend Christmas with their Grandmother who lives in the country. What is going on in the fields behind their Gran's house late at night? Who is living in the burned out ruin of the Priory nearby? Archer and his new-found friends, Henry and Elliot, two Irish Setters, set about solving the mystery in their own way, unearthing clues no humans could have hoped to find. The adventure ge... more info>>
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Becoming His Pet
She had been famous, now she was a bitter ex-model determined to do as she pleased. She had bullied her rich husband for years, now he was going to show her the error of her ways. He has her abducted and sent to a slave trainer, who will transform her into a pet trained to exist solely in service to her owner. She could have become a mindless slave, but instead they had unleashed her primal nature. Her addiction to lust and passion unleashed a vivacious spirit in her. She was truly a sex kitte... more info>>
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It is early 19th century Regency England. Angelica is an orphan, with a large trust fund composed of both land and money, which she will fully inherit when she turns twenty one. However, Mrs Browning, her aunt and legal guardian, has plans to murder her as soon as she comes of age. But Angelica's fate takes a turn, when they are introduced to handsome young Doctor Seward, who requires young women for his painful medical experiments. Dr Seward offers to have Angelica declared insane and committed... more info>>
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Black Angus Club
Russ and Sharon Grover are a happily married couple living the suburbia dream. Then the dream became a nightmare of torrid sex. Russ wanted to watch his pretty wife having sex with a black stud, but little did he know? Sharon's fantasy of sex with a black man became a reality but that wasn't enough for either Russ or for Sharon. When they heard about the Black Angus Club, they were interested and when Sharon was invited to attend she leaped at the chance.
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Born To Be Punished
St Catherine`s Convent was a college for girls. From their entry into the school the girls knew they would be caned for breaking the rules. Jasmine, Sam and Tracy would discover the meaning of the word punishment from their first few months at the school when they entered the first year sixth at the age of eighteen. The pupils also know that when they reach the sixth form and their eighteenth birthdays, things can change - for the worst. Simone, Bettina and Celine broke the rules when they were... more info>>
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Bull Jones
My name is Bill and my wife is Abby. We both are twenty-six. We've been married for four years. It was a hot summer night, and Abby was even hotter. She was being fucked by a big black man who was showing her no mercy. Apparently she wasn't asking for any mercy either. I looked through the viewfinder of the video camera and watched as he plunged his massive black cock in and out of her like a jack-hammer, her legs flailing in the air. I'm getting ahead of my story. It actually started nea... more info>>
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Captured Desires
WOMEN IN PERIL - A COMPENDIUM OF STORIES Five stories in the usual Hughes style depicting the pain, terror and shame of beautiful English women in various degrees of peril from sadistic men and women yet maybe discovering an element of unwanted lust in their predicaments FORCED TO OBEY: a mother must demean herself to obtain the release of her kidnapped daughter. CAPTURED: a married couple are captured by gangsters in London. THE INTERVIEW: a family have to undergo a humiliating interview by E... more info>>
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At just nineteen, Kylie was an ardent follower of the premise that girls just wanna have fun, and she did, at Randy's nightclub. Chosen by a man who believed he had been instructed by God, Kylie finds herself quickly entrapped in his lair, where the endless abuse to her mind and body begins. Kylie's conversion to become one of the chosen is swift.
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