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1. Mid-Length [29099 words]Anna and the Three Generals [Profortuna] by Suzanne Graham [Erotica/Science Fiction]
2. Short [5372 words]Special Force [Erotic Gems] by Brynn Paulin [Erotica/Romance]
3. Mid-Length [28130 words]Gun Shy [SEALs at the Ready] by Emma Hillman [Erotica/Romance]
4. Mid-Length [28961 words]The Swimming Swan [The Cob Brothers] by Amber Kell & Stephani Hecht [Erotica/Fantasy]
5. Mid-Length [26594 words]Training Party [Lucky Springs] by Cheryl Dragon [Erotica/Romance]
6. Mid-Length [28909 words]The Helpful Swan [The Cob Brothers] by Stephani Hecht & Amber Kell [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
7. Mid-Length [27441 words]Infernal Devices [All Steamed Up] by Abigail Barnette [Erotica/Alternate History]
8. Long [76930 words]With a Kiss by Kim Dare [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
9. Mid-Length [43101 words]Ellery's Duty [Thrown to the Lions] by Kim Dare [Erotica/Romance]
10. Short [16380 words]Handcuffs and Ball Gags [Rawlings Men] by Kim Dare [Erotica/Gay Fiction]
  1. Long [66181 words]Random Fire by Jannifer Hoffman [Romance/Suspense/Thriller]
2. Mid-Length [28046 words]Lady Featherstone's Fervent Affair by Cerise Deland [Erotica/Romance]
3. Long [63255 words]Wanton Venture by Elaine Lowe [Romance/Erotica]
4. Mid-Length [32173 words]Miss Darling's Indecent Offer [The Stanhope Challenge] by Cerise Deland [Erotica/Historical Fiction]
5. Long [100624 words]Secret Sacrifices [Douglas Family Series Book 2] by Jannifer Hoffman [Romance]
6. Mid-Length [27509 words]Storming Hell's Gate by Carol Lynne [Erotica/Romance]
7. Mid-Length [28558 words]Hell Hath No Fury by Carol Lynne [Erotica/Romance]
8. Mid-Length [41673 words]Dark Promise [Promises] by Gwendolyn Cease [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
9. Mid-Length [27441 words]Infernal Devices [All Steamed Up] by Abigail Barnette [Erotica/Alternate History]
10. Mid-Length [44650 words]Unmasked by Genella deGrey [Erotica/Historical Fiction]
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Anna and the Three Generals [Profortuna]
Having spent the last twenty-five years devoted to science, elite bio-researcher Anna is now faced with her mandatory mating on the un-breathable planet of Profortuna. Anna's research on how to sustain life in the bio-domes is vital, but it also makes her a target of the Open Air Society. Convinced the Council has found the most appropriately brain-heavy men on the planet for her mates in order to perpetuate their superior intellectual genes, Anna is shocked to find three high-ranking military m... more info>>
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Special Force [Erotic Gems]
Amelia Barker and Keon Munro are about to meet face-to-face for the first time. With F-16 butterflies dive-bombing her belly, she nervously awaits her soldier and the promises he made over the internet. Fresh off deployment, Keon is ready for some one-on-one action with the woman who captured his heart through cyberspace. Too bad she's not who he thinks she is. Either way, she'd better be ready for his special force. He's been dreaming of this night for months, and her sweet behind is his.
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Gun Shy [SEALs at the Ready]
Tired of coming back from missions to find their utilities cut off and their house strung with cobwebs, Scott and Drew, fellow SEALs and surveillance experts, decide to rent their spare room to someone who'll help them take care of things. They need someone they'll never fall for, however, someone homely and definitely not sexy. Kristyn seems to be the answer to all their problems. She wears drab clothes, is a junior high teacher and loves gardening. But she's a lot more than that. As the weeks ... more info>>
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The Helpful Swan [The Cob Brothers]
When Prince Kedrik Cob sees the sexy man in leather decorating the store window, he knows he has to see him again. Unfortunately, his date for the night doesn't figure in his plans, so he continues on his way. His mind doesn't let him forget about the handsome stranger, so a few days later, he finds himself returning to the store. Cadell Shumaker has watched Kedrik for most of his life. After following the man from Aria to Earth, he places his store right in Kedrik's path. Despite his positionin... more info>>
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The Swimming Swan [The Cob Brothers]
When the sea god's only son is told his fated mate is the marine biologist of his extremely wet dreams, Reef is beyond thrilled. Unfortunately, becoming human is harder than he thought, and if he doesn't get the Arian Prince to acknowledge their blossoming love, he could become nothing but sea foam. In this next story of the Cob Brothers, Swan Prince meets the Little Merman, and the stakes have never been higher as the battle over Aria continues to spill over to Earth.
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Training Party [Lucky Springs]
Deeply involved with a carton of Ben & Jerry's, Angie is caught cheating on her diet. Her sexy friend Tucker has no choice but to take action. Uncovering all her secrets, Tucker loves her curves and submissive tendencies. Ang still wants to look good for a big wedding so Tucker puts her on a strict diet of satisfying three hot men and attending some secret parties with them. Burning calories is the last thing on her mind when Angie realizes all the fun she's been missing by being a good girl. Fo... more info>>
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Infernal Devices [All Steamed Up]
The Two Aces. Victorian London's most salacious secret, the club is a place where erotic fantasies are played out among clockwork automatons and aether powered machines. Where nothing is off limits and the pleasures are as wicked as the imagination will allow... Permilia Deering goes to The Two Aces looking for the sexual excitement that she knows she will not find with the man to whom she is affianced, notorious cold-fish Wallace Sterling. On her first visit to the club, she meets the Ace of S... more info>>
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With a Kiss
When Liam Bates volunteered to visit lonely patients at his local hospital, he expected them to be able to talk back when he chatted to them. But, when he's assigned to visit a comatose man, he soon finds himself spilling out his whole life story in an effort to fill the silence. It's not long before the peace and comfort he finds in the man's hospital room becomes Liam's refuge from an increasingly hostile world. Vampire Marcus Corrigan has been trapped inside his paralyzed body for over three ... more info>>
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Dark Promise [Promises]
Joelle Quinn doesn't live much differently than any other working person, holding down two jobs and struggling to keep her head above water. But all of that changes when a vampire walks into her life. He doesn't ask for much: he merely wants Joelle to give her blood to another vampire, one who is nearly insane. Talon struggles to hold the darkness at bay, fighting back a raging beast inside. The urge to kill and bathe in the blood of anyone in his vicinity is something he lives with every day-... more info>>
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Ellery's Duty [Thrown to the Lions]
As a well-respected dominant, Ellery has been watching the subs from the local leather bars disappear into the lions' den for far too long, and he's not convinced that everything is as fine as they all claim it is. He's determined to find out what really happens in there. If the only way he can do that is to volunteer to be thrown to the lions himself, so be it... Kefir's never worked out what the other lions find so interesting about the human sacrifices who visit their den, but this new man is... more info>>
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Handcuffs and Ball Gags [Rawlings Men]
Police constable Andrew Rawlings is used to getting heckled while trying to maintain law and order at environmental protests. He's not so keen on the guy shouting the insults being his flatmate, Ben. A protest is no place for a well-mannered school teacher, even if the guy is built like an ox. That's why Andrew expressly forbade Ben from attending it, and Andrew isn't used to his commands being disobeyed. Ben has had enough of being bossed around by his best friend. He's a grown man. If he wants... more info>>
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Home Sweet Home [Erotic Gems]
Jay's a good submissive. Richard has never regretted taking him under his protection. He's never regretted deciding that it was time for them to move into their first house together either. The only thing Richard doesn't understand is why Jay's been so damn determined to nag him into choosing something for the house. When Jay comes home to a find a shock in their hallway, he's about to find out exactly what his master thinks of his nagging...
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Line of Fire [SEALs at the Ready]
Christian Williams has lived with his secret his whole life, and he's not ready to give it up. He's especially not ready to face the consequences. Consequences be damned, Hayden Medema is tired of living a lie. Don't Ask Don't Tell is dead and gays are serving openly in the rest of the military. The Navy SEALs should be no different. After coming face to face at a gay bar in a different city and a whirlwind weekend of sex, Christian and Hayden along with fourteen other SEALs are sent on what app... more info>>
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Red Hot Party [Lucky Springs]
Being secretly in love with your brother's boyfriend's sister is problematic enough, but when Hamilton Meriwether is caught at a sex party by that same beautiful woman, he's got some explaining to do. Lolly Martinez grew up sheltered, but being an EMT and working with the brave firemen of Lucky Springs gets her away from her overprotective family. Wanting Ham was nothing new, but suddenly, she has a chance to act on all her fantasies with him and a couple of other volunteers Lolly thought were j... more info>>
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Best Buds [Erotic Gems]
Roses are red, and white and yellow... Scarlett's husband, Scott, buys her roses every Friday night. He has his own code for what each bloom's color means. Some nights, she's in for romance; some nights it's bondage. But this Friday, Scarlett comes home to find a new color of flower sitting on her table. Yellow. The color of friendship. When she arrives at dinner to find their friend, Daniel, has decided to join them in their weekly adventures, she's nervous but excited at what the evening has... more info>>
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Bound in Brass [All Steamed Up]
The Two Aces. Victorian London's most salacious secret, the club is a place where erotic fantasies are played out among clockwork automatons and aether powered machines. Where nothing is off limits and the pleasures are as wicked as the imagination will allow... Tallulah Applewhite is an American widow abroad, finding all the pleasures Europe has to offer. She gets more than she bargained for when she ventures into the The Two Aces and meets the man known as the Ace of Hearts. Their sexual encou... more info>>
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Doubling on Denise
An ex who won't let go is a real nightmare for Denise. When he gets out of jail on a technicality, she turns once again to the only men who can protect her and know her secret desire for BDSM. The Temple brothers are two of Raider's finest bodyguards and had a perfect record until Denise fired them a year ago. Now she's back and begging for help. Little does she know how well they understand her submissive side and how long they've wanted to show her the safe and proper way to serve her true Mas... more info>>
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Drunk and Disorderly [Erotic Gems]
When Sara finds herself locked up in jail for the night, together with her three friends, Melanie, Robbie and Mark, she doesn't think things can get any worse. She's too wired to fall asleep; however, Mel knows a sure-fire way to get her to relax. Sara should have known her friend was too drunk to make sense. Mel wants her to masturbate while they're locked up in a cell! She's crazy, but not as crazy as what happens next... With a little help from her friends, Sara finally falls asleep. They're ... more info>>
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Raised among humans, Ori Jones only discovered he was an avian shifter six months ago. Unable to complete a full shift until he reaches his avian maturity, he still can't be sure of his exact species. But with species comes rank, and rank is everything to the avians. When a partial shift allows the elders to announce that they believe Ori to be a rather ugly little duckling, he drops straight to the bottom rung of their hierarchy. Life isn't easy for Ori until he comes to the attention of a hi... more info>>
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Fill Her Up [Daly Way]
Ten years ago, Verity Thompson ran from Daly, leaving behind her family and her lovers. Now, fresh from veterinary school, she's returning to take over her father's practice. She never suspects her old lovers will corner her within minutes of her return. Patrick and Sim have never forgotten Verity, the girl they believe has always been destined for them. Hoping to sway her back to them, they convince her to give them a weekend of no-holds-barred sex. Little does she know that two of their close ... more info>>
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Handcuffs and Headlocks
A Handcuffs and Lace Tale Undercover police officer Ed Rawlings isn't just good at his job--he's bloody fantastic at it. But there is such a thing as being too good at playing pretend. When reality refuses to come back, even when he's off duty, something has to change for the hyperactive submissive. Could a no nonsense master be exactly who he needs to help him make those changes? Derby FitzGerald doesn't do pretend. Losing track of reality when you're teaching martial arts would be bound to g... more info>>
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Handcuffs and Leather
Rawlings Men Series Book One All Constable Hadley wants to do is put the last few weeks behind him. As if being taken hostage wasn't bad enough, he's had to deal with all the stupid publicity that's surrounded him ever since. And the fact that he hasn't slept since that night isn't helping him feel any better about the world, either. The last thing Hadley needs is a shrink wandering around inside his head trying to dig up all his dirty little secrets. When he finds out he's being sent to Dr... more info>>
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Handcuffs and Megabytes [Rawlings Men]
Mike Shane's an old fashioned kind of cop. To his mind, police work should be all about pounding the pavements, interrogating suspects and following leads. It should not involve hours spent sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen. When he's seconded to a computer crimes task force, he's dreading spending all his time surrounded by computers and computer geeks. Carl Rawlings is no geek. With a body full of tattoos and piercings, along with a new found interest in anything and everything ki... more info>>
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Handcuffs and Pretty Things [Rawlings Men]
Almost every man in the Rawlings family is a cop. Almost. Dane Rawlings likes the finer things in life. As a successful antiques dealer, imposing law and order upon society isn't one of his main concerns. But that doesn't mean he can't appreciate the appeal of a man with handcuffs. Ross O'Sullivan has worked with lots of Rawlings men, none of them prepared him for Dane. When he's asked to babysit a Rawlings outside a suspected arson attack, he expects his charge to be tall, dark and handsome. A ... more info>>
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Handcuffs and Spreader Bars [Rawlings Men]
Harland Rawlings might have chosen to be a scene of crime officer rather than a "proper" policeman like so many of the men in his family, but that doesn't mean he can't hold his own with any cop who comes his way. Any evidence belongs to him until he says otherwise, and if a sergeant manages to roll around in evidence while tackling a suspect, then that man belongs to him until Harland has finished with him. Detective Sergeant Alasdair Grant doesn't have good luck with men. He resigned himself... more info>>
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