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1. Long [58217 words]The Adventures of the Scarlet Shroud by Chris & William Carney [Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime]
2. Long [88654 words]Souls on Fire: The Chronicles of The Grey Monk by John L. French [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
3. Mid-Length [26745 words]Weird Western Tales by Howard Hopkins & Wayne Skiver & K.G. McAbee [Horror/Science Fiction]
4. Long [60333 words]Bewitched by Darkness by K.G. McAbee [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
5. Short [20276 words]The Bleeding Hells by Barry Reese [Suspense/Thriller/Horror]
  1. Long [78723 words]The Rook: Volume Two by Barry Reese [Horror/Suspense/Thriller]
2. Short [20276 words]The Bleeding Hells by Barry Reese [Suspense/Thriller/Horror]
3. Long [84780 words]The Rook: Volume One by Barry Reese [Suspense/Thriller/Horror]
4. Mid-Length [26745 words]Weird Western Tales by Howard Hopkins & Wayne Skiver & K.G. McAbee [Horror/Science Fiction]
5. Long [88654 words]Souls on Fire: The Chronicles of The Grey Monk by John L. French [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
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Bewitched by Darkness
BEWITCHED BY DARKNESS by K.G. McAbee is a collection of 13 sinister tales guaranteed to keep you twitching, squirming, and awake at night. Sword & Sorcery, Mysticism & Magic, Old Ones from Other Worlds... all this makes a wonderful addition to any fan's bookshelf... especially those who remember the "greats", such as Lovecraft, Lieber, Howard, and the many other pulp fiction writers of the mid-20th century... K.G. McAbee brings those thrills and chills back to our modern-day sensibilities, and s... more info>>
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Guan-Yin and the Horros of Skull Island
When beautiful pirate captain Guan-Yin leads her crew on a quest for a fabulous treasure the trail leads to the legendary Skull Island... a land said to be inhabited by unimaginable monsters and ruled by an awful God. Heedless of the whisperings portending terrible death, the daring Guan-Yin sets off on a fantastic adventure that pits her against hostile natives, treacherous allies, dread monsters, and the most fantastic creature imaginable--all in the name of the greatest treasure of all... fin... more info>>
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Legends of the Golden Age: The Black Terror and Daredevil
THE BLACK TERROR & DAREDEVIL... LEGENDS OF THE GOLDEN AGE... IT'S EXCITING! It dares to be different! It's two of the greatest heroes of the Golden Age in some of their most thrilling adventures! Torn from the pages of Exciting Comics comes America's Fighting Nemesis of Crime, the Black Terror! With steel hard skin and super strength, he wades through crime like a one-man army! Then, blasting out of the classic 1940's Daredevil Comics is the original hero of that name! With unbeatable fighting p... more info>>
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Souls on Fire: The Chronicles of The Grey Monk
SOULS ON FIRE: THE CHRONICLES OF THE GREY MONK... "Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord... and I am His Agent!"... A grim, hooded figure armed with blazing .45's stalks the streets meting out Justice to whatever Evil he encounters, from Drug Dealing Hoodlums to Thuggees of the Cult of Kali... THE GREY MONK is John L. French's most intriguing Hero in the tradition of The Shadow & The Spider! This volume collects all the previously published tales, as well as some that have never been released befor... more info>>
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Tales of the Norse Gods
Christians believed their arrival heralded the end of the world (Jeremiah 1:14). Known for murder, rape, pillaging, and desecration, they were feared by noble, by monk, and by peasant. The harshness and sparse living of their northern homelands bred an awesome spirit of survival within these savage warriors. For 273 years they spilled the blood of anyone who stood between them and their plunder. The Viking had come to take? and Europe was helpless. A single cryptic sentence on the weathered pag... more info>>
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The Adventures of the Scarlet Shroud
"Let Evil Beware? The Scarlet Shroud!" ... He appears like a wraith, stalking the darkness. Emerging from mist to strike fear in the hearts of criminals, The Scarlet Shroud brings justice to New York's deadliest villains! Aided by inventor Miles Hawkins, and his other ally and pilot, Takeshi Harada, Assistant D.A. Alexander Holt wields various gas and smoke devices, along with a pair of blazing .45's, to battle the forces of evil... The creative team of Chris and William Carney bring you a new a... more info>>
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The Best Startling Stories
THE BEST STARTLING STORIES contains some of the finest Science Fiction & Fantasy available! Wild Cat Books has revived this long out-of-print pulp magazine, and this Omnibus features some of the best stories of the year! With Award-winning authors such as K.G. McAbee, Barry Reese, Wayne Skiver, and Don Lee, this is a great eBook for all fans of the weird and wonderful worlds beyond our imagination!
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The Bleeding Hells
THE BLEEDING HELLS by Barry Reese continues the amazing adventures of Max Davies aka The Rook, a hero in the grand pulp fiction tradition such as The Spider, The Shadow, and others who came to life in the early part of the 20th Century. This special stand-alone tale also features heroes and villains from two pulp magazines: Ascott Keane and Doctor Satan from "Weird Tales", and The Black Bat from "Black Book Detective". This is a two-fisted thrilling tale that will please all fans of Heroic Actio... more info>>
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The Rook: Volume One
Only one man dares to stand against the Forces of Darkness... Max Davies aka THE ROOK is driven by visions of Death and Destruction as he travels the globe on one death-defying adventure after another! In the grand Pulp-era Tradition of The Shadow and The Spider, THE ROOK is the newest Hero in an a time where the world needs all the Heroes it can get... Features a Guest Appearance by THE MOON MAN! This amazing book collects 2 Novellas and 3 Brand-New Short Stories...
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The Rook: Volume Three
A veil of darkness is descending on the world. Evil forces are rising across the globe. Supernatural madmen vie for control of vast mystical energies, their goal to enslave the world and bend reality to their will. The conflict between light and darkness is raging--with only a handful of brave adventurers risking their lives and very souls to stem the rising tide of evil! The Rook wages relentless war against diabolical foes to save the innocent from obliteration! Aided by his beautiful wife Eve... more info>>
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The Rook: Volume Two
Max Davies returns as THE ROOK in this critically-acclaimed second collection of stories featuring this original pulp hero, created and written by Barry Reese. Thrills and Chills, Excitement and Adventure, plus a dash of Mystery and Horror, and you have a winning recipe for good old Classic Pulp Fiction in the tradition of The Shadow, Doc Savage, and many others!
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Under the Suns of Antares
If you have thrilled to the adventures of Carson Napier on Amtor or devoured the Planetary Adventure yarns of Otis Adelbert Kline and Gardner Fox, then you will surely be hooked from page one on the latest in the genre from Tim Jones. Follow the adventures of a courageous Earthman in the constellation of Scorpio and the discerning reader will soon realize that Ken Bulmer would surely have approved!
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Weird Western Tales
The Western story has been around practically as long as the Wild West itself. Dime Novels made living legends out of men like Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, and many other such men. Needless to say these stories were often exaggerated so much as to become tall tales, but so popular were the stories that often truth and fiction became so intertwined that many are not sure to this day what is fact and what is fiction. The Western heroes were popular in the great Pulp magazines, Old-Time Radio Sh... more info>>
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