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1. Long [69775 words]Double For Death by Rex Stout [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
2. Mid-Length [38309 words]The Earth Killers and Other Stories by A. E. Van Vogt [Science Fiction]
3. Short [8752 words]Hot Planet by Hal Clement [Science Fiction]
4. Mid-Length [46957 words]Campus Doll by Donald E. Westlake [Erotica/Mystery/Crime]
5. Mid-Length [42803 words]The Odor Of Thought: Short Stories Of Robert Sheckley, Volume 2 by Robert Sheckley [Science Fiction]
6. Mid-Length [44296 words]Worlds of the Imperium by Keith Laumer [Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller]
7. Short [10665 words]Mr. Spaceship by Philip K. Dick [Science Fiction]
8. Short [7546 words]Through the Purple Cloud by Jack Williamson [Science Fiction]
9. Short [8608 words]The Defenders by Philip K. Dick [Science Fiction]
10. Short [4976 words]Coming Attraction by Fritz Leiber [Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller]
  1. Mid-Length [43554 words]Meeting of the Minds: Short Stories of Robert Sheckley, Volume 1 by Robert Sheckley [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
2. Long [54382 words]The Lost Bradbury: Forgotten Tales of Ray Bradbury by Ray Bradbury [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
3. Mid-Length [44296 words]Worlds of the Imperium by Keith Laumer [Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller]
4. Short [13159 words]Scanners Live in Vain by Cordwainer Smith [Science Fiction]
5. Short [15288 words]Second Variety by Philip K. Dick [Science Fiction]
6. Short [15293 words]The Creatures That Time Forgot by Ray Bradbury [Science Fiction]
7. Mid-Length [44667 words]The Towers of Titan and Other Stories by Ben Bova [Science Fiction]
8. Short [12356 words]Time Grabber by Gordon R. Dickson [Science Fiction/Alternate History]
9. Short [22469 words]Lorelei of the Red Mist by Ray Bradbury & Leigh Brackett [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
10. Short [5475 words]S as in Zebatinsky by Isaac Asimov [Science Fiction/Humor]
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Double For Death
A corpse in a secluded hide-out--a millionaire who thinks he is discreet (but isn't)--a panicky girl whose uncle is accused of murder--are some of the odd angles in the most curious case in Tecumseh Fox's career as a private detective. But these are only the first of a series of surprises--including another grim killing--and Fox has to do some fast talking and acting himself to outfox a deadly determined murderer.
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The Earth Killers and Other Stories
From the mind of Science Fiction Grand Master, A. E. van Vogt, comes five imaginative bizarre tales of the future. The Earth Killers--What if you were blamed for the destruction of the Earth? And what if you were the only one who had the key to what really happened? The Star-Saint--A superman of space is willing to save your colony, but at what cost? The Enchanted Village--As the only survivor of a doomed expedition to Mars, your only chance of survival is to live in a deserted Martian village ... more info>>
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Campus Doll
The intimate story of a coed who turned "love" into a big business! At Clifton College the male students were never frustrated. When a campus cutie teased and ran, there was always Jackie Hayes' "study rooms" to resort to. There you could do your "homework" in peace. There you could carry on experiments so dear to the hearts of all eager students, with tutors truly dedicated to their work: Sandy, Laura, Rita, Honey and even Jackie--the campus doll herself. True, this extra-curricular work led to... more info>>
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Hot Planet
An expedition team of scientists is exploring the planet Mercury. The constant rumblings of earthquakes and wind have shaken their ship, the Albireo. A small explorative party departs on tractors. It's then when the volcanic reaction starts. And it looks like the end of the team unless man's intelligence can beat the malevolent nature of a fiery planet!
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The Odor Of Thought: Short Stories Of Robert Sheckley, Volume 2
Robert Sheckley (July 16, 1928 -- December 9, 2005) was a Hugo- and Nebula-nominated American author. First published in the science fiction magazines of the 1950s, his numerous quick-witted stories and novels were famously unpredictable, absurdist and broadly comical. Sheckley was given the Author Emeritus honor by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 2001. Included in this collection are nine of some of his best stories written in the 1950s. Includes the following stories: WA... more info>>
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'A' as in Android
The question is asked: Are the famous Dancing Girls of the Hyperion Club androids? Michael Carmody, Special Investigator for Android Service, especially wants to know, and his work takes him all the way to Saturn's seventh moon just to find out. But will the answers be as important as his own life?
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77 Rue Paradis
He met a gutter angel on the roadway to hell! It began here for Baron--the whole grotesque skein of terror-- here in this Marseilles street of despair, the street called the Rue Paradis. There was Gorssmann, fat and corrupt, who waited until Baron scraped bottom--and then blackmailed him into treason. And Lili, the dark, lovely gamin, who fell in love with Baron--and worked for the man determined to destroy him. Altogether for Frank Baron it was a small hell on the street called Paradise!
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A Bullet For Cinderella
Her veneer was big city--but one look and you knew that Toni Rassell's instincts were straight out of the river shack she came from. I watched her as she toyed with the man, laughing, her tumbled hair like raw blue-black silk, her brown shoulders bare. Eyes deep-set, a girl with a gypsy look. So this was the girl I had risked my life to find. This was the girl who was going to lead me to a buried fortune in stolen loot.
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A Handful of Stars
Dominic Flandry is the Terran Naval Intelligence equivalent to James Bond. Dashing and debonair, he is deadly both to human women and his enemies. His foes are remarkable for their skill in manipulating people, but Flandry is matching them wit for wit. With his extremely good luck and keen mind honed from years of experience being a spy in various guises, Flandry is able to survive one near-fatal disaster after another. He seems indestructible and unmatched in all of the Terran empire. The Adm... more info>>
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A Matter of Faith
Among an infinite multitude of worlds, almost any type of culture is possible. But all science requires that cause and effect be related. To the fellahin culture of the worlds of Ein, no real science was possible. There was only the will of Ein. Yet Dondyke found that both their religion and their peculiar science could be horribly effective!
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Alarm In The Night
A FIRE MARSHAL PEDLEY MYSTERY A murderous arsonist leaves a trail of horrible death and destruction in his wake, and a series of difficult cases for fearless and resourceful Fire Marshal Pedley to solve. Pedley fights desperately through a maze of clues, and a group of evasive suspects which includes everything from slick night-club operators to a cagey lady numerologist, to ferret out an arsonist-murderer far more deadly and difficult to trace than any ordinary killer.
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Around the Continuum [Science Fiction Grand Master, Robert Silverberg]
"Gilgamesh in the Outback". In this Hugo Award winning novella, Ancient Sumerian king, Gilgamesh, found himself in a Hell not so very different from the kingdom in which he came. Faced with nothing much to do for eternity, he continues as a warrior in the eternity of hell. Gilgamesh's conservatism and scorn for the modern technologies drove a wedge between him and his closest friend, Enkidu. Gilgamesh joins forces with other denizens of hell, including fantastic pulp writers H.P. Lovecraft and ... more info>>
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Backwoods Girl
Innocent as she was, Cindy knew men .... Just a country girl, lovely and wild as the hills she was born and raised in, that was Cindy. But Enoch, the boy who loved her with the pure, fierce love of a rushing mountain stream. Lorna, the woman who hated her as only one woman can hate another, when one has purity and beauty, and the other has lost both. And Jim, the man who found her when he thought there was nothing left in the world worth finding .... These three did not understand Cindy. Not un... more info>>
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Bare Trap
Hollywood keeps no secrets from Johnny Liddell ? When Private Eye Johnny Liddell moves his base of operations to the West Coast, he takes his talent for trouble with him, uncovering more dirt than a ditch-digger on overtime. First there's a movie mogul's adopted son (loaded with cash) living in constant fear of death. The there's a bevy of beautiful gals, all connected with the unlucky lad, but perfectly willing to change the color of their silks when Johnny shows up. Then there's murder--raw an... more info>>
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Beware the Fury
Meet Wolf Reger--traitor. Compared to him Benedict Arnold was a national hero and Judas Iscariot a paragon of virtue. At least that's the way it showed in the Major's notes?. But traitors aren't born that way. Something has to happen to them long before they turn against society. That's why, when you dig deep enough, you may find that the word traitor can be one hell of a misnomer!
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Beyond Bedlam and Other Stories
Wyman Guin burst upon the Science Fiction field with the classic Beyond Bedlam in the 1950s. His story of how society has made living with schizophrenia the norm rather than the exception. The story reads like a mash-up of 1984 with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. The other stories in this collection are in a lighter vein and shows that Guin was one of the best humorist writing SF in the decade of the 50s. Stories about witches, genetic engineered creatures, and mathematical magic. Also contain... more info>>
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Blabbermouth and Abreaction
Eddie Gretchen meets Maria Undergaard. They fall madly in love with each other and get married. But like any decent fairy tale, there is a wicked witch, yet who would have thought that the princess herself and witch would be one and the same? Eddie is frustrated. How can he successfully parade his beautiful wife if she turns out to be an ugly monster at parties. Could there still be a happy ending for them both?
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Blood On My Jets and Others
Four stories from a master of Science Fiction. Blood on My Jets--Ash had been working for the Earth agency in a covert way for a long time. If there was an area that was classified, that needed cleaning up, that operated in the gray areas even when those gray areas that went black--Ash was their man. Ash had blood on his hands, but it was in the service of the good, he hoped. But then Pat McKay walked into his life again. A beautiful girl with cooper hair and brown eyes. She turned the head of e... more info>>
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Bodies in Bedlam
Shell Scott was up to his neck in guns, girls and gore. Constanza Carmocha was unarmed--that is, she didn't have a gun. She didn't need one, either. She had all the weapons that have ruined men from time immemorial--or time immoral. One man had had his throat slit because of her, another was going to die. She was surrounded by a guy who resembled a shaved ape and looked as though he could pick himself up with one hand. But the hand isn't always quicker than the private eye, and as sure as my nam... more info>>
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Bodyguard and Other Stories
Gabe Lockard had it all--a beautiful wife, lots of money, social connections, and most of all, a great face in a great body. Only problem was, inside that body wasn't Gabe Lockard. The real Gabe Lockard was a wanderer, a dutchman--a zarquil addict, who regularly plays the galaxy's most dangerous tournament just to be encased in another man's anatomy. But even that was a lie. For the truth was that Gabe Lockard wanted his body back. He followed it to the ends of the earth and outer space, playing... more info>>
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Bold Rider
Getting the gold was easy--as easy as riding his horse up that mountain. But getting down again was another story. Set up by his partner, ambushed by his ally, left for dead in an avalanche, Poco St. Vrain had a long trail ahead. He had to recover the gold and clear his name. To do that meant tracking down not one gang of desperadoes but two. It would take a good horse, a fast gun, and the steady nerve of a ... BOLD RIDER!
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Brain of the Galaxy
Arthur Caversham of 22nd-century Boston finds himself naked at a dinner party. Bearwald the Halforn battles the Brands from Mount Medallion. Ceistan seeks a parchment in the dead city of Therlatch filled with treasure that is now worthless. Dobnor Daksat is competing with artists of the top order to create worlds with the imagicon, a device unknown to him. What is the connection of these disparate tales? Not even the Brain of the Galaxy understands their full ramifications. First published in 1... more info>>
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Captives Of The Flame
The Empire of Toromon had finally declared war. The attacks on its planes had been nothing compared to the final insult--the kidnapping of the Crown Prince. The enemy must be dealt with, and when they were, Toromon would be able to get back on its economic feet. But how would the members of this civilization--one of the few that survived the Great Fire--get beyond the deadly radiation barrier, behind which the enemy lay? And assuming they got beyond the barrier, how would they deal with that ene... more info>>
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Come And Go Mad and Other Stories
An undercover reporter. An elaborate ruse to get committed in an asylum to discover the story of lifetime. It should be a simple enough assignment; pretend to be crazy, get inside, observe, have someone to certify you are cured, and then get out. The story will be published and awards may be given to the intrepid reporter who braved the high walls of a nuthouse in search of the truth. However, for reporter George Vine, the assignment is far from being exciting. It is scary and anxiety-provoking... more info>>
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Coming Attraction
A future New York City has changed since a nuclear bomb left areas of radiation that threaten the residents. Women wear coverings over their faces as the latest fashion trend. An Englishman in New York saves a girl from a speeding coupe with fish hooks on its fender. He finds himself attracted and repelled by the girl in this classic story of future shock from a science-fiction grand master.
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