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A city. A mystery. An impossible love. The head of a ruling Houses in the matriarchal city of Amberlight, saves an outlander left for dead on the streets. Unable to remember his name or his past, he is both danger and salvation as war looms and Amberlight's source of power, qherrique, is threatened.
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Apricot Brandy
Returning to the family homestead after her father's suicide, Karen Fox finds herself haunted by the past and bound by rage and guilt to a place she despises. Overwhelmed by malevolent powers that have seeded the earth with evil, Karen turns to ex-con Kyle and Quetzal, an ancient Guatemalan bruja.
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Fighting doubt and convention, beset with great challenge and facing profound change, Tellurith leads her displaced House to a new beginning and a different life in Iskarda--a life that includes men and women as equals.
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Wind Follower
Light-skinned newcomers are changing the Land of the Three Tribes. Dark-skinned Satha and her husband Loic are torn asunder. With the Creator's aid there is hope they will be reunited and find their mutual destiny, even if it means losing the love and respect of their families, clans, and tribes.
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