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Awe-Struck sprang to life in 1998 when its founders and publishers, Dick Claassen and Kathryn Struck, opened their cyber-doors with an offering of just two books. Their catalogue has grown to over 85 titles in Romance and Science Fiction--and just about every sub-genre inbetween. Some of their authors are known internationally as premier writers in their genre: Kenneth Flint, Judy Gill, Miriam Pace, James and Joyce Lavene, and Jane Bierce; and others are just starting out. Awe-Struck publishes trilogies and series fiction. They are a full-service publishing house, releasing ebooks that come in a variety of formats for any pda/reading device, or for the laptop or computer. Awe-Struck releases four books per month, and distributes their titles internationally.

1. Long [89124 words]Echoes in the Dark by D.L. Rogers [Romance/Historical Fiction]
2. Long [70465 words]Rules of Conduct by Maggi Andersen [Romance/Historical Fiction]
3. Long [73407 words]The Fair Amazon by Janis Susan May [Romance/Historical Fiction]
4. Mid-Length [48260 words]Bayou Magic by Marilee Crow [Romance]
5. Long [95297 words]Best Laid Plans by Isabel Martens [Romance]
6. Long [93621 words]To His Mistress by Ann Tracy Marr [Romance]
7. Long [84445 words]Orphans in the Storm by Anna C. Bowling [Romance/Historical Fiction]
8. Long [86590 words]Till September by Jana Richards [Romance]
9. Long [103553 words]Bittersweet Victories by Rachel Smith [Romance]
10. Long [57403 words]Lord Devereaux's Lady by Blaise Kilgallen [Romance]
  1. Long [85919 words]Johanna by Isabel Martens [Romance]
2. Long [105157 words]Journey [Destiny's Dreamers Trilogy Book II] by Rebecca Vinyard [Romance/Science Fiction]
3. Long [105284 words]Awakening [Destiny's Dreamers Trilogy Book 1] by Rebecca Vinyard [Romance/Science Fiction]
4. Long [82253 words]Janus is a Two-Faced Moon by Susanne Marie Knight [Romance/Science Fiction]
5. Long [79553 words]Broken Gods [House of the Rose Book 3] by Michaela August [Romance/Fantasy]
6. Long [79071 words]Scout's Pride [Chorillan Cycle Book 2] by Michelle Levigne [Science Fiction]
7. Long [95500 words]The Undertaker by Lauryn Hale [Romance]
8. Long [119175 words]Sweeter Than Wine by Michaela August [Romance/Historical Fiction]
9. Long [51393 words]Out of Her Dreams by Dee Lloyd [Romance]
10. Long [56862 words]Cherished by Tari May [Romance]
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A Limited Partnership
Tempers flare, bullets fly and passion soars as reluctant partners tackle crime--and one other. Add a deliberately concealed (and inadvertently discovered) pregnancy to the mix and the result is explosive?. Feisty, impetuous Kate Sullivan's success in thwarting car thieves has put her life in jeopardy. The cops have the perfect solution--police protection while using Kate as a decoy. The officer assigned "babysitting" duties just happens to be Detective Michael O'Connor, the same "gentleman" who... more info>>
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A Perfect Rose
Torie was raised to be a lady. But circumstances change and earning a living not easy when you are as cursed as she is. She takes posts that are genteel and as a governess educates others children. Little does she know two scamps and their father will capture her heart and make her future a whirlwind of love, heartbreak and discovery.
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A Rake's Redemption
Can a rake change his ways? As Prudence discovers with Lord Harry, only love holds the key to a lasting redemption.
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A Rush of Light
A RUSH OF LIGHT is the story of Callie Turner. When she was sixteen her father was murdered but the crime was never solved. Callie became a cop with a mistrust of lawyers. Due to an accident, she is on a disability leave from her job, and trying to start a new career at her father's old inn. Nick Messina saved Callie's life the day her father was murdered. A devout Christian, but a burned out lawyer, Nick has plenty of reasons not to trust cops. Filling in at his uncle's service station, he is s... more info>>
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A Temporary Governess
Clarissa Manning secures a position as a temporary governess to a spoiled young girl after learning her friend's been terrorized by her employer's lustful friend.
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Sara DiShon, victim of a broken family, does everything in her power to keep her siblings and her mother from falling apart after her father walks out on them. The 'Aftershocks' hit her one after another, and the only true constant in her life now, is her newly found boyfriend, Jesse Curtis, 'super jock, hunk and the biggest crush of her life.' Sara isn't a cheerleader or very popular. She can't believe Jesse is interested in her. By standing by her and for her, Jesse, a product of divorced pare... more info>>
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All That Glitters
Love and gold are a dangerous mix.
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All We Want for Christmas
It's Christmas time, and when God's in control, anything can happen--even for a grieving father and an engaged social worker.
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An Unexpected Bride
Hope Edwards gave up everything to travel to London and marry the man of her dreams. When she learns he is dead, she has no other choice than to turn to the man who has taken his place.
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Andy vs. the Colonel
Andy Hollis is a soldier first and a woman second. Cory Costain, Andy's new CO, tests that resolve.
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Awakening [Destiny's Dreamers Trilogy Book 1]
Separated by the vast realms of space and time, Kaylith of Sentarl and Jack Stryker have been meeting throughout their lives in dreams. Jack is convinced he can find Kaylith, who vanished during a diplomatic mission to her homeworld 150 years before. For years he searches for her despite the intense opposition from his family and peers. Against all odds Jack finds her--her life preserved in stasis. When he awakens Kaylith, little does he know that the love they shared in their dream world will b... more info>>
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Banner's Bonus
He's a father's worst nightmare. Yet cargo pilot, Nick Banner, is Jonathan Loring's only hope of getting his daughter, Tressa, safely off-planet. But is she really out of harm's way?
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Bayou Magic
While investigating a poaching charge on one of his father's clients, Texas DA Dane Winslow finds more than he bargained for in the Louisiana Bayou.
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Bear Hugs
Never again...Paige Holbrook needs help to bring her son out of a coma. In desperation, she turns to Bidwell Bear, young Jamie's TV idol. From their first meeting, Paige and Hunter Blackwell, the man inside the Bidwell costume, each experience an attraction neither can ignore. Hunter is about to realize his life-long dream--to be a singing star. Glitz and glamour aren't Paige's thing, not after what she's been through with her playboy ex-husband. Is Hunter's love worth the glare of the spotlight... more info>>
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Best Laid Plans
Plans are great when they work, but Beejay's carefully devised plan had more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese and totally unexpected rewards.
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Bittersweet Victories
Addiction and HIV disease almost destroyed Marty, but he's determined to overcome both. In a small Texas town, can love conquer prejudice and fear?
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Savannah Knight and Napoleon Falconer were made for each other, but if her secret is discovered, will their passionate love turn to loathsome hate?
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Bound by Blood [Francie and Sam Series Book 1]
Francie Steele is a single mother struggling to make a better life for herself and her 5-year-old daughter Savannah. Francie's whole world consists of providing for Savannah, going to college, and working two part time jobs, which doesn't leave time for anything else. What Francie doesn't know though, that her life is about to drastically change and not for the better.
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Broken Gods [House of the Rose Book 3]
When a vampire Protector with secrets to hide refuses to awaken his past-life memories, will this save the House of the Rose--or doom it?
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Brothers by Blood
Half-blood Blue Fox wants one thing: acceptance. Shunned in white society, he seeks acceptance among the Lakota, and learns acceptance doesn't come easily anywhere. But a white woman, Amy, shows him the way. And love is hot on his heels.
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Calamity Claresta
To lure Drake Lockwood, Earl of Norwood, into the parson's mousetrap, Miss Claresta Huntington strikes a bargain that she cannot possibly fulfill.
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Campbell's Reivers
A pacy, racy, and often humorous tale of romance and adventure in exciting times of 16th Century Europe.
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Wes Edwards, the charismatic star of action movies, can't imagine anyone better to help him develop his break-through script about a young boy's struggles against cancer than Claire Sutherland. Claire knows all about cancer--she lost half her leg to the disease before she hit her teens. When raging desire sparks between the two, Claire relentlessly denies her growing feelings.
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What if your best bud OD'd on drugs? What if his ghost told you that YOU were next? Heroin is no longer the vice of the inner city. Drug abuse is rampant in the suburbs. Take Dean Summers. He's seventeen, a high school senior, an athlete, and an A student. He's also a drug user: chiva (black tar heroin), crystal meth, and bud.
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Clementine Pennington accepts a position as housekeeper in Lord Denby's Highland home. She's unaware that the devastatingly attractive, Ambrose Silverton, who hires her, actually intends her to be Denby's next wife.
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