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1. Long [99852 words]Descendants of the Light (Collection) by Eve Vaughn [Erotica/Science Fiction]
2. Short [18659 words]Dragon Kin: Siren's Seduction by Mina Carter [Erotica/Romance]
3. Short [17321 words]Chain of Kisses by Angela Knight [Erotica/Science Fiction]
4. Short [20934 words]Executive Decisions: By The Numbers by Marteeka Karland [Erotica/Science Fiction]
5. Long [71552 words]Hoosier Werewolf: Howl & Prowl (Collection) by Kate Steele [Erotica]
6. Long [55788 words]Driven to the Limit (Collection) by Alice Gaines [Erotica/Erotic Romance]
7. Short [7839 words]Dawg Town: Puppy Dawg by Camille Anthony [Erotica/Science Fiction]
8. Short [17297 words]Wild Thing by Lena Austin [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
9. Short [16170 words]Chocolate Covered Cheri by Marteeka Karland [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
10. Short [11798 words]Dragon Kin: Fire in the Sky by Michelle Hasker [Erotica/Science Fiction]
  1. Short [10454 words]The Godrabbit by Cynthia Sax [Erotica/Science Fiction]
2. Mid-Length [29586 words]Wolfman: Revelations by Brannan Black [Erotica/Science Fiction]
3. Long [89412 words]Black Star (Collection) by Marteeka Karland [Erotica/Dark Fantasy]
4. Short [18015 words]Damon's: King of Damon's by Sophia Titheniel [Erotica/Romance]
5. Mid-Length [27918 words]Bad Angels: Heaven by Belinda McBride [Erotica/Romance]
6. Long [82052 words]Black Planet: Little Dragon (Collection) by Belinda McBride [Erotica/Science Fiction]
7. Short [20952 words]Sheer's Choice [Pridelands 3] by Jade Buchanan [Erotica/Science Fiction]
8. Short [20792 words]Khalid's Challenge [Pridelands 5] by Jade Buchanan [Erotica/Science Fiction]
9. Short [24641 words]Soul Familiar 3: Fated by Kate Steele [Erotica/Paranormal Erotica]
10. Mid-Length [28570 words]Black Planet: Dragon's Blood by Belinda McBride [Erotica/Science Fiction]
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Chain of Kisses
Book Summary For years, Prince Admiral Arles of Tor has been obsessed with Gisel Vanda, who jilted him at the altar. When he discovers the lovely runaway is now a mercenary space captain, he captures her, determined to get Gisel out of his system. He soon discovers she's even more intelligent and beautiful than he remembered, but she is also a political liability he can't afford. Gisel bitterly regrets jilting Arles, and her love for him still burns bright. Even as he tests her with acts of er... more info>>
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Descendants of the Light (Collection)
In the land of Zerus, a strange ailment is slowly wiping out the Ceyan race. Willing to do anything to save their people, King Rohman and his brothers seek out the Ancient Ones to obtain the whereabouts of the last remaining The'Rans, a people known for their healing powers. To their astonishment, the last remaining The'Rans are on a planet called Earth--and have no knowledge of their legacy. Now four very different women face the same challenge--kidnapped by winged warriors, taken to a strange ... more info>>
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Dragon Kin: Siren's Seduction
Edan is a loner, pure and simple. A loner with one goal in life, to avenge the twin killed in an illegal cage fight four years ago. With no body to mourn, Edan takes his twin's place in the ring to save as many paranormals as he can from the brutal sport. Paranormals like Dualla's aunt Melody, saved from a rich human's "collection." Restored to her tribe, the older mermaid tells tales of her handsome and enigmatic rescuer, tales that have the younger women of the Romani mer-tribe in flutters. ... more info>>
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Badland Warriors: Spartans
Book Summary Lysander, Calix, and Thanos are warriors currently patrolling inside the Badlands. Unlike most Warriors, they are not podmates -- at least, Thanos is not. The two older men took him in when his two podmates were killed. The bond among the three of them has grown steadily, but Thanos always holds himself back. He does not share his body freely with the other two men unless the need is so great he can't resist. Artemis has been watching the trio for some time. She knows Thanos has a... more info>>
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Bear Out
Book Summary Pizzly bears Christopher and Robin have come to realize how lucky they are to have found their mate, polar bear shifter Theodore. When Theo surprises them with a vacation to the Norwegian Arctic, they're determined to show him their gratitude and make this a trip to remember. Bears just want to have fun, after all?
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Big Balls and Trouble
Book Summary Zach Kelly is an organized man. First comes career, as a pro football player. Then comes education -- he's just finished his Masters in History. Now it's time for a family, so he sets out to find Denny, the boy he's loved since they were kids. But the Denny he finds, clutching a bottle of tequila, is not the boy he remembers...
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Bound by Blood
Book Summary For centuries, the sacrificial offerings have kept the peace between humans and the immortal Kin who feed on their blood. Every few years, a young human is taken from the village and given to the Kin. When Daniel's beloved sister is chosen, he offers himself in her place. Like most humans, Daniel has grown up believing the Kin to be heartless monsters. He never imagined that Vale -- the Kin lord appointed to train him -- would treat him with compassion... or that his touch would st... more info>>
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Chocolate Covered Cheri
Jedadiah Blackheart has had one thing on his mind since the company Christmas party and that's getting his assistant, Cheri Dodson, armpit deep in a vat of chocolate so he can lick it all off. When his company lands the Choco Chocolate campaign, Jedadiah finds a way to live out his ultimate fantasy. Cheri knows Jedadiah is up to something when she sees his inner sanctum turned into a chocolate lover's paradise. And she's sure whatever it is, it's certainly no good for her. Or is it? Sex and choc... more info>>
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Daemon's Revenge
Ariel's been bad. She's pushed her big vampire "fuck buddy" just a little too far and now she's in for the ride of her life. But will Daemon leave her heart intact, or will he demand all she has to give? Revenge has never been so sweet.
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Dawg Town: Puppy Dawg
Puppy. Quentin Mosely hates his nickname. He might be the youngest member of the Dawg motorcycle gang, but he's a grown male, one who's thinking about mating. Unfortunately, the female his tail is wagging for is the new librarian, and a human. Knowing a human/shifter relationship rarely succeeds, Quentin spends his days gazing hopelessly through the library windows at the luscious black woman. Carly. Carlisle Brothers has the hots for teacher--even if he is ten years her junior! She's moved to B... more info>>
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Dragon Kin: Fire in the Sky
Selena's had the hots for her boss Kyden since she started working for him. There's something about him that just drives her insane with desire. It doesn't matter that she's too fat and too dark for him, she wants him desperately. And it's gotten worse over the last few months. This month she even found herself ready to masturbate in her cubicle. Kyden's ordered her to stay late to work tonight, just the two of them, but she's not sure she can control the desire if they're alone in the building.... more info>>
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Driven to the Limit (Collection)
Mannhof. The ultimate in precision German engineering. Individually hand-crafted motorcycles, each custom created for one woman, and one woman only. For the right woman. Even if she doesn't know it. Because the motorcycle of her dreams--is also the man of her dreams. Why would a normally sane woman pay a million dollars for a motorcycle? Hard-driving CEO Claire Wilcox has found the bike of her dreams--a 1957 Mannhof four-cylinder touring motorcycle. It'll take all of Will's sensual skills to cra... more info>>
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Executive Decisions: By The Numbers
Zoe has had enough. Her asshole bosses have gone from insensitive bastards to complete asinine dumbassed bastards, and she's not taking it anymore. Deciding to take a vacation to calm herself so she doesn't kill one or the other of them, she spies a flyer advertising Executive Decisions, an escort service guaranteeing discreet escorts for the professional woman. Too good to be true? Maybe. But when an insane urge to find out more hits her, she makes the call, sets up a meeting and arranges an es... more info>>
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Gemini Rising (Collection)
Book Summary The Reluctant Concubine When Callie loses control of her car on a twisting mountain road the last thing she expects is to end up on a slaver's auction block -- in an alien galaxy! King Blaze wants Callie. The more she resists, the more determined Blaze is to win her. Can he bridge the chasm that separates their worlds? London Falling London thinks she's found the perfect way to escape her arranged marriage to General Zahn. She steals one of her father's ships and heads for Earth... more info>>
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Holiday Howlz: Suspicious Surprises
There's a suspicious man in town, asking questions no one wants to answer. Puppy suspects Carly is keeping something from him. When she's not avoiding him, she's busy emptying the contents of her stomach. She can't be pregnant, so her symptoms have Quentin fearing for her health. Carly's sure she has a touch of flu, but to appease her lover, she takes time off from planning the Library's First Annual Christmas Eve party to see the doctor. Shocked at his diagnosis, she stumbles away, only to co... more info>>
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Hoosier Werewolf: Howl & Prowl (Collection)
For most people, werewolves are creatures of fantasy, pulled from the pages of fiction novels and seen only in movies. For brothers Ethan, Dustin and Nick Parks, they become beings who are all too real... and the family tree is about to get a little furry. * * * Crewe Jackson's been waiting patiently to claim his mate. Nine years ago both he and Ethan Parks were too young, but now he intends to give his sweet little nerd some lessons in love. * * * Chad Sutter has his hands full. Not only has hi... more info>>
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Book Summary When he's marooned on a strange planet, cosmonaut Vernon Attwater thinks his only problem is one of possibly ending up as reptile poo -- especially when the reptile chasing him looks like something out of an old science fiction movie. Little does he know that the alien who saves his life is about to complicate matters in ways he never imagined? ways that make him sigh, pant, groan and gasp with pleasure. Even so, surely he can control his own yearnings, especially when he's never p... more info>>
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Book Summary Larissa has dreamed of a mysterious man for many years. When she meets the man who will become her boss, she knows he's her dream man. Too bad he's always such a perfect gentleman. Damien is simply biding his time. He needs Larissa with every fiber of his being, but he's willing to wait until he's certain the time is right. Now, having stood all he wants to, Damien begins his unique brand of seduction to claim Larissa as his. That is, if you can call a vampire's idea of collectin... more info>>
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Night Critters (Collection)
Book Summary The Thornburn Pack was normal, once. Normal for werewolves, anyway. Then they began to fall in love with mixed breeds like a Chuskie (half Husky, half Chihuahua -- don't ask how), a fiery Goth half-angel, a foo-dog/dragon, and an angry fairy with a shotgun. Life -- and love -- has never been this hilarious. This collection contains the previously released novellas in the Night Critters series: Must Love Dogs, Faux Paws, Paws to Heal, Bad Fur Day, and Santa Paws.
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Night Stalker (Collection)
Book Summary Kayla. Phaeryn came to Earth looking for a small, delicate, submissive woman able to bear his children. Kayla's exactly what Phaeryn needs -- he just doesn't know that yet. Allison. All Allison wanted when she stopped at the coffee shop was a latte. She wasn't looking for adventure, sex, love, or a Vampyryn. 'Til she met Vance. Mya. The man of her dreams won't come to her so she sets out to find him, never dreaming that the only man for her isn't a man at all. Even the strength ... more info>>
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Soul Bound
Book Summary Soul Seer: A true immortal. Six hundred years ago, a sorcerer captured Raven. She's been his prisoner ever since. Although she can't die, she can suffer. Transported to the new world in an iron coffin, she lies buried and forgotten for nearly two hundred years -- until a construction crew digs her up and inadvertently sets her free. Starving, lost and alone, Raven staggers through a strange city filled with wagons that have no team, lights without fire -- and then there's the cloth... more info>>
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Spirits of Abaddon: Bad Blood
Jesse doesn't like vampires, and he purposely avoids Gabriel whenever he can. But he can't deny the attraction he feels for the man, either. When Jesse witnesses a murder, he finds himself on the run -- caught in a deadly cat and mouse game. With Jason and Julian on vacation in Greece, Jesse's only choice is to turn to the one man he's been trying to ignore.
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Taking the Heat
Book Summary In a cold world balanced by the heat of Queen Ruby, it takes a special ice cold M'rad male to be king. Sex with the queen can be intoxicating -- and deadly. If she doesn't kill her lovers with her internal fire, she banishes them with an ache for her that cannot be quenched. After a failed revolt against her, Commander Cyan is her prisoner and she is planning on making him pay for his betrayal in a way that will satisfy them both. But he's stubborn and plots to turn the tables on ... more info>>
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Vaaden Warriors: Randar
Book Summary When Rheul convinces Randar to save an abused slave, he finds himself helpless to resist. But once he owns the beautiful Lyssa, he's not sure how to help her. Any man would want her body, but her emotional scars run deep. He knows he needs to gain her trust in order to heal her, and help her become the woman she once was. When Randar rescues a second woman, a temptress from the harems, one he's visited for the past year, he finds himself owning not one slave, but two. Even more con... more info>>
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Viking Seduction: Blood Slave
Book Summary Kierra's been trying to get Dekker's attention since they first met. His Nordic good looks and old world charm send shivers of heat straight through her every time she sees him. An invitation to a vampire-themed rave seems like just the thing to help him see her as more than a friend -- until she discovers it's not just a theme. And now she's tangled up in a world she thought only existed in romance novels -- only these vampires are far from hunky knights in shining armor. It's t... more info>>
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