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1. Long [64636 words]Bad Boys And Bondage by Powerone [Erotica]
2. Mid-Length [32250 words]Trained To Serve [Her Surrender Book II] by Terri Pray [Erotica]
3. Long [52960 words]The Taming School by Sonni De Soto [Erotica]
4. Long [78480 words]Teaching the Au Pair to Submit by Powerone [Erotica]
5. Long [56269 words]A Slave to Work by Powerone [Erotica/Erotica]
6. Long [52108 words]Honeymoon Hotel: The 1960s Erotic Classic by Anonymous [Erotica]
7. Mid-Length [29817 words]Broken To The Collar - Level Two: Only A Slave by Terri Pray [Erotica]
8. Long [65540 words]Knotted Pleasure by Powerone [Erotica]
9. Long [65023 words]Unchain Me! by Powerone [Erotica]
10. Mid-Length [31313 words]The Challenge [Her Surrender Book I] by Terri Pray [Erotica/Romance]
  1. Long [65000 words]Women of the Wood and Other Encounters with Wonder, Horror and the Uncanny by A. Merritt [Science Fiction/Fantasy]
2. Long [75748 words]The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie [Mystery/Crime/Humor]
3. Mid-Length [48727 words]McQueen of the Tumbling K & Other Early Western Classics by Louis L'Amour [Historical Fiction]
4. Very Long [357059 words]The Rafael Sabatini Omnibus: Captain Blood; Scaramouche; The Sea-Hawk by Rafael Sabatini [Historical Fiction/Romance]
5. Long [100000 words]Queerer Than You Think: Post-Millennial Bodies, Sex, & Porn by Alexander Renault [Family/Relationships]
6. Very Long [249773 words]Three More Classic Detective Novels by Melville Davisson Post & Arthur Morrison & Thomas W. Hanshew [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
7. Very Long [294228 words]Legends of an Extraordinary Gentleman #5: An Allan Quatermain Omnibus: The Ancient Allan; Allan and the Ice Gods; Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
8. Long [85945 words]The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy [Historical Fiction/Romance]
9. Very Long [223918 words]The On His Majesty's Secret Service Mystery Omnibus: The Man with the Club Foot; Okewood of the Secret Service; The Yellow Streak by Valentine Williams [Mystery/Crime]
10. Very Long [361443 words]The First Jane Austin Omnibus: Sense and Sensibility; Mansfield Park; Persuasion by Jane Austen [Classic Literature]
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Bad Boys And Bondage
Our resident master of BDSM is back with a new treasure for fan of dominance and submission fiction: BAD BOYS AND BONDAGE is what you want and MORE! Mothers always tell their daughters to stay away from Bad Boys, but daughters never listen. Sandy was becoming bored and restless with her life of predictable, plain vanilla sex. Then Sandy discovered the thrill she had been missing in ropes, bondage, exhibitionism and menage a trois. Each session left Sandy craving more. But when a sexy auto rac... more info>>
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The Taming School
"SAF 25 Sub Virgin" - That was all Kat Valdez had written in her online ad. Tired of feeling like a spinster waiting to shed this staining status, Kat had logged onto a BDSM forum to look for a way to lose her virginity. Peter Richards, moderator of the forum and firm believer in safe, sane, consensual kink found Kat's post inappropriate, unwise, and na�ve. But after meeting with her, he found himself captivated by Kat, seeing the strength within her innocence. Peter takes on Kat's challenge ... more info>>
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Trained To Serve [Her Surrender Book II]
Terri Pray's saga of bondage and disciple continues in this, the second book in her new series, HER SURRENDER: TRAINED TO SERVE! A brand new novel of romantic bondage by bestselling author, Terri Pray. Linda was a hard-driving boss by day at work. But when she met Mark, she discovered she had a need to let go of all that power and control at night. Mark gave her a safeword, but Linda determined never to use it. Until she learned about the first challenge on the path to her surrender. A novel of... more info>>
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A Slave to Work
Submit or Lose Her Job! That's the choice one young woman had to make. To keep her plush job with benefits, she had to agree to become a slave and plaything to the corporate executives. Learn what happened to one office slave in this sizzling new novel from the bestselling author of Teaching the Au Pair to Submit.
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Bondage Becomes Her
After seven years of marriage, Darren Johanson was bored and frustrated. He felt stifled in a routine, vanilla relationship while the dominant nature that he had discovered in his business life was nagging at him to make some changes. While working out at the local health club, Darren came to know an exciting female with some novel ideas. "Mistress" Lynn befriended him and introduced him into a realm of intense sexuality that he was anxious to embrace. He proved himself an eager and adept st... more info>>
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Broken To The Collar - Level Two: Only A Slave
Melinda's fiance decides she should be enslaved. But can a proper, modern woman be broken, against her will, to the collar? In Level 2, Melinda's enslavement deepens as she is strictly trained by a Council of Masters... forced to experience ever-increasing levels of pain and degradation. Find out why Terri Pray is today's bestselling author of the romance of bondage and discipline.
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Control Issues: A Collection Of BDSM Erotica
Here's is a must-have, must-read collection of short stories for any fan of truly erotic BDSM fiction by one of the best writers we've had the pleasure of publishing: Shashauna P. Thomas. This author sas she loves to write about bondage and submission because it allows her "imagination to run wild..." In this enthralling collection Shashauna P. Thomas explores the various ways pleasure and pain go hand in hand, investigating the world of doms, subs, switches, masters, and slaves, from those who ... more info>>
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Honeymoon Hotel: The 1960s Erotic Classic
Deflowered and Victimized--Could She Hope for True Love! Here is an erotic classic as only the British can write them. When she turned 18 her mother told her that sex could only be a nightmare because intercourse was hideously painful for all the women of their family. Then mother betrayed her by putting her to work for Lord Medwell. Soon he and his friends were proving her mother's statements true. The sex they forced on her was agony to her--and bliss to them! But still she dreamed of love tha... more info>>
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Knotted Pleasure
A new masterpiece of erotic domination and control by one of the top selling authors of the genre: Powerone! Two stories, two women, different, but they find they have the same dark and forbidden desires. Do the ropes and restraints give them the excuse to indulge in acts that most women would run away from? Bound and stripped naked, no longer responsible for what would happen to them, Knotted Pleasure is their reward. Kiley finds a way to take care of her financial needs from long years at expe... more info>>
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Teaching the Au Pair to Submit
She was Bound to Please! Jessica is a full-time college student surviving on scholarships with no time or money for anything else, except her erotic daydreams of a tall, dark, dominant stranger. Facing a penniless, jobless summer, Jessica is thrilled when a her professors refers her for a three month au pair position in Haiti, working for the prominent and wealthy Michael Jergen. Jessica jumps at the chance, envisioning a summer of adventure in an exotic new land. But, little though she dreams i... more info>>
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The Challenge [Her Surrender Book I]
A brand new novel of romantic bondage by bestselling author, Terri Pray. Linda was a hard-driving boss by day at work. But when she met Mark, she discovered she had a need to let go of all that power and control at night. Mark gave her a safeword, but Linda determined never to use it. Until she learned about the first challenge on the path to her surrender. A novel of love and lashes from one of the reigning grandmistress of romantic bondage.
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The Craftsman
Ronald Kline had mastered the art of turning wood into beautiful and functional furniture; he had not mastered the art of the relationship. He wanted a woman he could shape the way he shaped wood. A friend, taking a little pity on him introduced Ronald to Melinda, a special woman who the friend believed might be able to help Ronald with his relationship issues. Melinda was submissive by nature. It was a perfect match to Ronald's dominant attitude. Unfamiliar with the lifestyle Ronald gains an ed... more info>>
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Unchain Me!
Four women find their idyllic lives turned upside down one day. At first the four rebel but they are outnumbered. For thirty days they perform sexual acts that they could never have imagined participating in before. Their defenses fall, and the four do the only thing they can. They seek to immerse themselves in the erotic pleasure of the acts. Suddenly they are free, their bank accounts filled with staggering sums meant to buy their silence. The four women wonder: Should they seek punishment... more info>>
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Adventure Wanted
Erotica noir! What is adventure? Is it travel? Is it danger? Is it sex with strangers? Ken Trevor sought adventure from anyone who would offer it. What he discovered was that, for many people, "adventure" is the same as "sex." Trevor's quest for adventure takes him into the world of Craigslist adult ads, gets him an offer from a man in jail, and creates a new friend (and possibly a new lover) for him and his wife. He also learns a great deal about how the lure and promise of adventure hav... more info>>
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Daphne's Scandalous Confessions: A 'Lost' Victorian Classic
Innocent, gently-bred Daphne Fairhope should never have looked into the forbidden journal of Victorian Erotica she found in her grandfather's trunk. Especially not while her saucy new French maid, Solange, was massaging Daphne's nipples with lotion. It was a hot day in the Old South during the early 1930s. To while away the time, Daphne dipped into the leather covered old volume. Soon a new world, one she had never dreamed existed, had been revealed to the young belle. And what she read about, ... more info>>
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Fantasy Bondage House
Michael knows what women need, even though they might not know what they want. Owner of the successful Fantasy Bondage House, Michael's club is for the wealthy to indulge their most perverted fantasies. But Michael takes it one step further, knowing that humiliation is a powerful aphrodisiac. He has stages that cater to his patrons' fantasies, but they must perform in front of others, Michael interjecting unknowns that only drive their arousal to shattering orgasm of shame and lust. It's strange... more info>>
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Her Awakening
Anne didn't know much about sex. But once she discovered it, she couldn't get enough. Anne's awakening to herself as a sexual being and a woman is the story of a journey through sensuality to fulfillment as only C. K. Ralston could tell it.
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Playing For Keeps: An Erotic Romance Of Bondage And More
A masterful novel of female domination! He Entered to a World of Male Submission, and Found Everything He was Looking For! It is the 1970s, a time of free-wheeling sex before the era of AIDS. There are so many beautiful young women and only one 26 year-old Patrick Compton. Clothing hits the floor thick and fast as the young people in Patrick's circle frantically seek connection, with uninhibited sex supplying the currency of the moment. Frank and uncensored, this powerful etails the thoughts yo... more info>>
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Ravished by the Pirates
They Didn't Want Ransom--They Wanted Her Body! Captain James Bonny was a pirate feared on the high seas, by none more than by the Spanish. Captain Bonny surprises the crew of the Spanish ship Fenix; a brief but bloody fight leaves the ship his to plunder. Luck has it that the Fenix was carrying a special cargo, Princess Stefani of Spain, bound for the new land to marry her betrothed, Lord Francisco Diego, accompanied by her eight lovely handmaidens. With twenty days before they reach their home ... more info>>
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Tales of Bondage and Submission: Award Winning Erotica
The Very Best of B&D! These award-winning stories from the sizzling pen of Powerone, bestselling author of Teaching the Au Pair to Submit, focus on the theme of the sexual submission and bondage of women at the hand of a powerful and older man. Winner of the prestigious Literotica's Annual Authors Awards for Best Anal Story and Best Mature Story, finalist for the Golden Clitoride Awards for Best Serial Story, Powerone has been thrilling readers for years and his stories are a must read for any s... more info>>
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The Training Of Master's Girl [Book I: The Naughty Girls Series]
Master Jonathan decides that it is time for His submissive to learn the enjoyment of bearing pain for him. Her journey into this world begins with unique training sessions conducted by multiple Masters. It is beyond anything she has experienced or could imagine. But in the end and after several days of training sessions, she learns that suffering for a master can be an extraordinary catalyst to unimaginable pleasure. Rating: Intense.
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Ace of Slaves
The award-winning B&D author! Welcome to the Stratosphere, a surreal world of bondage, blackjack, slavery, slots and sexual torment in the world's tallest casino, created by the winner of SIGNY "Best Bondage Writer" Award. When Interpol agent Sunday Briggs arrives in Las Vegas, she's not supposed to make direct contact with suspect Paul Forte, the shadowy owner who's trying to corner the market on Internet gambling. So she goes undercover, only to find herself captured and cruelly tortured by hi... more info>>
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The President of the United States is considered the most powerful man in the world. Women sought him out to see if that extended to the bedroom. They didn�t want his love, only his body, willing to give up anything. From inexperience women to wealthy, married women, they were in awe of his power, and they wanted to feel his hands take them, willing to risk anything for a few hours of raw sex. But the President had his own agenda; he would enslave them in his bed, to use them in the darke... more info>>
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Anastasia's Tribe
Anastasia Dawson is an attractive professor of Anthropology on an expedition. Their pilot, Pete Calhoun's, plane crashes a couple of miles from their planned destination due to a freak lightening strike. No one is injured, but communication is impossible and their flight plan is lost so the search is conducted hundreds of miles away. The group spends their first night huddled in a building on waiting for the fierce storm to pass. After several days the group learns that the search for them h... more info>>
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Angel and Sharae [The Slave Girls Trilogy #3]
The Dramatic Conclusion to the Enthralling Saga of Bondage and Domination! Is Sharae the helpless slave, kidnapped with other innocent women and carried to a dungeon where she is trained to learn to love submission, that she seems? Or is she really the mastermind behind the abduction of Merissa, Crystal, Angel and the other women? Is she submitting to the men who are their captors? Or are they submitting to her domination? The answers will haunt you long after you finish this contemporary master... more info>>
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