Season of Love

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Categories: Romance/Fantasy
Publisher: DCL Publications LLC | Date published: 11/28/2009


Mistletoe Fangs by Susan Blexrud: Dr. Lauren Marsh, a pregnant vampire, seeks therapy to overcome a recent trauma, but is her creepy doctor interested in more than her well-being? Will evil intercede, dashing the promise of a Christmas baby? The Office Christmas Party by Bill Haworth: Office workers are obliged to attend a celebration of the boss's promotion on Christmas Eve. When they are trapped inside by a sudden weather change, problems flare up and the control freak boss is put in his place by an old cleaning lady. But is she all she seems? A Special Christmas Gift by Kate Hofman: Glenda is resigned to never seeing her lover, Alexandros, again--until he knocks at her door, pleading for another chance? Peace on New Earth by Miriam Newman: Hope is all they have on the planet Megasta when plague brought by Earth colonists begins killing the natives. Will the love of two people from different worlds be enough to bring peace on New Earth?