Rescuing Amanda

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Categories: Erotica
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 10/01/2009


FBI agent Donovan Steel is posing as the owner of Dominion, a BDSM club, to catch a serial killer. He's frustrated, horny, and striking out when a spicy bit of fresh air walks into the club. Amanda Powel, a tabloid reporter in disguise, causes a scene that attracts every red-blooded male in the club. Amanda, hoping to write a breakout story to get back into legitimate reporting, has made several unsuccessful forays into the sex club. The real Dom's are all leery of her and the wanna-be's just keep pissing her off. When a masterful hunk stalks her way, claiming her, she believes her luck is finally changing. Donavan decides to give Amanda a taste of BDSM to divert her and winds up hooked. Soon, they're both in too deep. Through clouds of suspicion and lust, they must learn to trust each other to solve the case.