Holiday Op

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Highland Press/A Wee Dram | Date published: 11/14/2009


AIR FORCE, MARINES, NAVY, COAST GUARD, & ARMY Five sweet romantic stories delving into the world of Special Operations from authors whose family and friends are part of the military community. The stories--MISSION MISTLETOE, CHRISTMAS TO THE RESCUE, and THE STOCKING--will bring intrigue, merriment, and joy while TIED WITH A BOW and ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A MARINE will engage your spirit and capture your heart. Five Sweet Contemporary Romances dedicated to the our wonderful Spec Op warriors and their families and loved ones. A portion of the proceeds donated to Special Operations Warrior Foundation In HOLIDAY OP, it's a pleasurable duty charged with love. THE STOCKING by DC DeVane--Marcy Grayson had been in love with Paul Callahan for years. She'd dreamed of a proposal, a ring, and a happily-ever-after since the day she first met him. The winter holidays always brought out the romantic in her, and in him, but how could she possibly have guessed that love--and a 'Proposal Paul Style'--would involve a dog, a rubber raft, and the Army Rangers. TIED WITH A BOW by Anne Elizabeth--According to EOD Specialist Captain Devin Walds, love and bombs have a lot in common. First, it is vital to know the inner and outer workings of both. Second, understanding when and how to get the job done is absolutely crucial. Third, believing it is worth risking your life is mandatory. For Kathryn Marie Pente, he would do anything. From the first moment he saw her, he knew she was extraordinary. It wasn't just her unusual artistic talent or her daring beauty, this was a woman who fought for what was right, and she was worth living ... and dying for. CHRISTMAS TO THE RESCUE by Lia DeAngelo--Petty Officer Annabelle Foster lives her job as a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer stationed in Kodiak, Alaska. Until she meets the most delicious sugar cookie snowman ever created, and its equally decadent creator, Food Service Specialist, Tony Lombardi. Little does she realize that one snowy mission on a patrol boat decked in lights and holly will lead to one romantic treat after another, and the sweetest rescue of all--her own. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A MARINE by Tara Nina--Locate, identify, observe, and report. That's what Staff Sergeant Mitch Sinclair's squad of Force Recon Marines did best. When the objective shifts, it becomes an extraction of a hostage Mitch will never forget and it's up to him to fulfill her Christmas wish. MISSION MISTLETOE by Lori Avocato--When an Air Force nurse falls out of a helicopter (don't even ask!) she thinks that's the worse that could happen. That is, until the paratrooper who parachutes into the desert to save her is none other than the cocky-as-hell guy with jet black hair, Newman blue eyes, and teeth she's convinced are Da Vinci porcelain--because no one was born with such a perfect smile--she's been calling "Slick." Sure, he's a damn good looker, but he'd been following her around the base for weeks--and now falls from the sky with a sprig of Mistletoe in his pocket! Lori Avocato, Anne Elizabeth, Tara Nina, DC DeVane and Lia DeAngelo