Reunion: Ties Of Blood

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Categories: Mainstream/Fantasy
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing/Paranormal | Date published: 06/18/2009


With her land torn apart by shuddering earthquakes and unseasonable storms, Iya Neveah finds she is more than just 'one of the guards' as her brother Aryis, King of Arudor, barters her for an alliance with the Silvermane brothers. More than just the ruling family of Londeshardeen, they are also elves, creatures long thought to be extinct. Not only do the elves still exist, but darker minions of the earth as well, suddenly free to terrorize the world amidst the chaos already wreaking havoc in their lives. Iya, her brothers Aryis and Tan, and, to her discomfort, the elves as well, must defeat the nemesis that will rise to meet them; a terror they thought defeated long ago. But will they be able to?