Weird Tales of the Skullmask

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Categories: Fantasy/Horror
Publisher: BooksForABuck | Date published: 10/11/2009


Since mankind crept out of the caves, violence and injustice has been a common thread. And since those early times, the most harmed have called out for justice. For those most harmed, most in need, a strange object offers hope. Made from the skin of its first owner, the Skullmask provides its wearer with the knowledge, skill, speed, and intelligence of the countless others who have called on its power. But the Skullmask demands its price, and the Skullmask only appears when all else fails, and in those horrible cases where Revenge and Justice are one. WEIRD TALES OF THE SKULLMASK follows the Skullmask from a western town where rich ranchers terrorize farmers and their Mexican-born workers, on to a Caribbean island where Voodoo Loa and zombies hold sway, then to the city-room of a major newspaper where a reporter faces off against the German-American Bund, and finally to a post-WWII drug smuggling operation. In each case, ordinary justice has failed...but the Skullmask offers hope. Author Teel James Glenn writes a fast-paced action fantasy with deep homage to the pulp fiction classics of the 30s and 40s. Like other stories from this era (The Shadow, Doc Savage, Fu Manchu, Tarzan), SKULLMASK combines detecting with magic. The settings, too, (western, exotic tropical islands, and inner-city gang hangouts) reflect the golden age of pulp fiction. WEIRD TALES OF THE SKULLMASK makes for a fun and exciting read.