Dangerous Liaisons Megabook

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 09/01/2009


Sexy espionage, suspense and erotic romance make the incredible Dangerous Liaisons Megabook trilogy by Honey Jans three complete novels a must read, including: BOUND TO SERVE: Bridget Jamison is an agent for the secret government agency, Delta Star. Her need to bring in Simon Perez, the elusive terrorist responsible for her ex-fiancÚs death, has become an obsession. When the director threatens to hand the case over to Condor, a mesmerizing ghost agent who has the power to make her weak in the knees with one intense look, she desperately makes a deal to hang onto her pet case. Condor knows the feisty redhead will be trouble. The inclination he has to put his slave bracelet on the hellcat, is a red flag. His mission was to infiltrate an S&M Retreat as a Dom to capture Perez, with a junior agent posing as his submissive. Instead, he's stuck with spirited Bridget, who ignites all kinds of fantasies as he squares off with her. Bridget smolders under Condor's touch, as he puts her through a crash course on submission. Opened up to a new level of sexuality, she is shocked to find herself on the verge of orgasm draped over his knee. Condor aches to take her, even though sex on missions is supposed to be simulated. Immersed in the Retreat's sensual setting, passion and duty clash as they track their quarry. Will Bridget realize that there can be power in submission, to love? Can Condor teach Bridget all his favorite sexual tricks without falling under her spell? ENEMY MINE: Rafe Martinez, code named Diablo, is on a mission to infiltrate Silas Carver's backwoods survivalist group, Proclaim. Cynthia Cooper, rookie agent recently fired from Delta Star, blunders into the survivalist's camp in the Smokey Mountains. Captured, she knows she's close to death as his leering men encircle her. Then she spots legendary agent, Diablo, among the pack and hopes that, even though he won't recognizer her, he won't let her die to keep his cover in tact. Her pleading gaze locks with his and he bites back a curse. Diablo fights his way through the mob to save the innocent blue-eyed blond and claim her as his woman, drawing Silas's suspicious amusement. It's the only way to save her pretty neck and keep his cover in tact. He puts the fact that she isn't screaming her head off, as he carries her to his cave, down to shock. Cyn can't believe her luck. It might be a perfect chance to get back in the director's good graces by secretly helping Rafe. Alone with him in his cave, she suddenly feels vulnerable, the sexual awareness between them hot. Diablo finds himself falling for the woman he'd only claimed to save. Still, he can't chance letting her see his true colors. Besides, he can tell that she's keeping secrets. Through clouds of suspicion, a mercenary bonding ritual, and enforced intimacy, Cyn surrenders to her need for Diablo, even as she looks for clues to turn over to the agency. STEALING SECRETS: When Melanie Cordova, CIA computer geek on her first field mission--to infiltrate the Sumerian Embassy, comes up against Delta Star Agent Ace Riser, things turn explosive. Sent in to take out an assassin, Ace is shocked to find that his target is the sexy blond innocent. He takes her down before she can scream, and whisks her away to a private location. He's got to find out why she's stealing secrets and who was set up for a fall. Melanie wakes in a sensual haze brought on by the brooding hunk holding her captive, and enhanced by the knock-out drug he'd given her. When she presses against him, she melts, even though she knows she ought to be fighting. Ace, scarred from a previous mission, doesn't take it personally. Still, he's not above using sex to pry the truth out of her. When Ace rescues her after their safe house is attacked, Melanie decides to trust him--for now. Escaping through the steamy jungle, things heat up between them as Ace teaches her his favorite kinky tricks. But in this cross-agency game of cat and mouse, whom can they trust? And can they find love when their whole relationship is built on lies?