Dark Blood

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Categories: Horror
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/2002


For two hundred years, Roger Niemann never had to know the end that mortals face. But eternal existence comes with a price he cannot accept ... consuming human blood. Hiding in New Orleans under an assumed identity, he desperately searches for a way to cure his vampirism. Stalking the streets of New Orleans, a vicious serial killer dubbed "The Ripper" leaves his victims drained of blood. For Houston physician Matthew Carter, it is an all-too-familiar pattern--one that sends him racing to find Niemann. But he is not alone in his hunt.... There are those intent on using the powers of a vampire for their own evil ends--a vampire sick with disease and driven into a crazed killing frenzy that will not stop until his taken everyone he can--including the woman Matt loves.

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