Lucifer's Kitten

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Solstice Publishing | Date published: 09/18/2009


So shocked when hearing the Barron tell her she is to marry the skirt chasing over used lout, Kitta tries her best to dissuade the Barron to change his mind. She sees her dreams of becoming a Nun fading fast. In desperation the words tumble out of her mouth never realizing, how insulting and degrading they are. The Barron refuses to listen and she is forced to marry the womanizing clod. Just because she is married to the scoundrel she is determined he will never lift her skirts as he has all the other woman he has bedded. Lucian is not only burning with rage when the little witch insults and humiliates him, he wants to strangle her with his bare hands. He is also desperate to find some way out of the marriage the Barron is forcing on him. However once he kisses the tart tongued little vixen he wants more, never had he tasted such pure sweet kisses. He curses the foolish oath made to never bed her and now he has to try to find away around his vow and have the woman who is now his wife in his bed.