D is for Desire [Witchy Women 2]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc./Siren Classic | Date published: 12/04/2008


Appointed Barbados' acting Attorney General, Dee Bloom, failed witchy healer, wants one last fling. Alex Mayfield, West Palm playboy fits the bill perfectly. Doesn't he? An orphan, Alex is engaged to a Mayflower debutante, but he's obsessed with Dee. Sparks erupt when they meet in Trinidad on Carnival Monday. Belly-button tequila shots, Dee's scanty costume, mud baths, dancing in the streets, explodes into a week of sexual ecstasy. Stunned by his reactions to Dee, Alex retreats. Three months elapse. A pregnant Dee makes network news when she's kidnapped by a drug-lord. Show and tell time. Dee agrees to marry Alex. It's the end of her career, the end of her witchy healing, until her best friend's diagnosed with cancer. At six months pregnant, Dee awakens in a pool of blood. Can she learn to control her powers? Cure her best friend? Will her baby survive? Will Alex ever trust her again? [Erotic Suspensful Fantasty Romance: Contains graphic sexual content and adult language.]