Your Darkest Dreamspell

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: L&L Dreamspell/L&L Dreamspell | Date published: 08/08/2009


Get ready to explore your darkest dreams in this assortment of chilling tales. They Came For Me by Lisa Rene' Smith Unanswered Prayers by Randy Rohn The story of a boy who doesn't want to live. He actually tries to commit suicide. Life changes. He becomes a man who has everything: good looks, wealth beyond imagination, beautiful women and worldwide fame. What could go wrong? The answer is both horrible and horrifying. Some prayers are better left unanswered. Dark Slivers by Randy Rohn Five glimpses into the underbelly of life. A land of shadows. Things aren't very pretty. Things aren't what they seem. The darkness hides many sins. You'll meet a family who has a somewhat unusual vacation in mind. A doctor who's among the living dead. And, a young girl who creates a special bond with an unusual tree. You'll go to hell and back and sit ringside for the deadliest ultimate fighting yet. Care to take a peek? Not suggested for those with weak stomachs or weak hearts. All in the Game by Robert S. Tyler When Stephanie Donovan and Jamie Jones decide to pull a Halloween prank on their high school teacher it goes horribly awry. Trapped in a living nightmare, their only hope of rescue lies in the hands of another student far across town. There are Two Asses in Assassin by Randy Rohn Meet the world's greatest assassin. A legend in the society of paid killers. A superstar of the underworld. A nervous wreck in real life. He has a fatal secret and it's about to surface like an unwanted belch from a bad Coney dog. This is a humorous, yet suspenseful look at the unluckiest and unlikeliest bad guy yet. Written by Randy Rohn, who was recently chosen to appear in The Best American Mysteries 2009. Suicide Sleep by Laird Long The Wolf Revealed by Phill Jones A wolf had slaughtered his daughter in the winter of 2044. At least, that's what the police had told private investigator Thadeus Rede. When a creature, part wolf and part human, attacked him, Thadeus began his hunt for the truth about his daughter, unaware that success would doom him. Wormwood by Jacqueline Seewald Forensic specialists Dr. Mary Ferguson and Dr. Randall Jenner are trying to find out how and why people on a cruise ship mysteriously died. What they discover not only shocks them but might just cost them their own lives. Lonesome Town by Randy Rohn You're in unfamiliar territory. You take a wrong turn. You end up in a little town with not much going on. Not many people around. A lonesome town. Beneath the moldering fašade you can see what was once a vibrant little community. What happened? Where did the people go? An old man tells you bad business decisions killed the town's only industry and forced people to move out. But he's got things backwards. Fireblood by Robert S. Tyler Morgan Fox loves babysitting eight-year old Todd Freeman, but when Todd starts having behavior and health problems she suspects it may be the product of his favorite action figure, Fireblood. Morgan comes to the unlikely but frightening conclusion that Fireblood had fallen in love with her, and Todd's life may depend on her decision. Lottery Winner by J.C. Towler