Sindustry--Making a Buck the Hard Way, vol 1. A Dreamspinner Press Anthology

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Erotic Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press/d | Date published: 07/01/2009


Rentboys, strippers, hookers, and porn stars--these men are making a buck the hard way. This is Sindustry, where a quick fuck is more likely than a romantic kiss. But while they face the harsh light of reality every day, unexpected love finds them in all sorts of crazy ways. Take a look at Sindustry from the outside in, because for these guys, happily ever after is just around the corner. Reluctant by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban Coming off twenty-five years of marriage, Gregory Callahan doesn't want to live the rest of his life without exploring the longings he's never dared to admit. At a friend's urging, he engages the discreet and exclusive services of Rossi Inc., only to find Rico Rossi is nothing he expected and everything he's dreamed of. Stripped Bare by S. Blaise Intrigued when a man calls to hire him for a bachelorette party, stripper Luca Briggs finds himself attracted to the sexy voice on the other end of the line. He wants to meet the caller, but Ethan is strangely reluctant, making Luca long to prove he is more than just a pretty face. Boomerang by Rachelle Cochran Chance is content with his life in Minneapolis, where he works as a waiter--and sometimes more--at a gay club. But things change the night Evan walks in. Chance and Evan grew up together in a small rural town, and Chance had always longed for them to be more than friends. Surprised when Evan invites him back to his hotel to catch up, Chance is stunned to find he's not the only one who's harbored a long-term crush. Fun and Games by Lenore Black Video game developer Patrick Sturtz has a huge deadline and no time to celebrate his 25th birthday. So his friends come up with the perfect surprise: Jack Whitaker, a beautiful, messy-haired, strangely endearing man of the evening. Jack sweeps Patrick away from his computer and into bed for a very private birthday bash. But the real surprise is that Jack keeps showing up--night after night--claiming it's all part of his present. How Could I Not by Jamie Freeman Employment opportunities for inexperienced MBAs in New York City are limited, but there's always a market for an attractive young Indian man who's willing to earn his pay in the bedroom. But Ben's having trouble maintaining his professional detachment with Joshua, a gorgeous and wealthy older man who requests that Ben fuck him while he watches a DVD of another man--a man who looks a lot like Ben. The Frost Affair by Sasha Skye Grayson Lennox wasn't looking for love when he accepted Senator Alexander Frost's proposal to become his contract lover, but after five years as the senator's personal rent boy, he's fallen in love with his benefactor. Grayson fears if he surrenders to his feelings he will lose Alexander forever--or can a gigolo dare to dream that a respected senator could love him back? The Stripper and the Hairdresser by Bethany Brown Jasper is a hairdresser with a small problem: his chronic blushing proves embarrassing when his coworkers drag him to a strip club, where he's captivated by one of the dancers. Scott is no stranger to people staring at him, but he just can't get the blushing man out of his mind. When he asks Jasper out, Scott hopes he will see beyond the stripper and like the man underneath. A Muse by Zahra Owens You call me a pervert, I call myself an artist. I'm a photographer, but I tend to stray off the safe path into the unknown. And for the right amount of money, you're more than willing to follow me there. Fin de Siecle by S. Reesa Herberth Paris at the close of the 19th century is a city ripe with opportunity, full of men trying to make a name with their talent. While Gabriel has put aside his dreams of a career in art, he's content with his practical, pleasure-driven life as a highly paid prostitute. He certainly never intends to act on his fascination with Jean, the young artist he meets on the banks of the Seine, even when he reluctantly agrees to model. For the right price, Jean can have Gabriel's body, but will his desire for more drive them apart forever? Chat Line by Clare London Bored, lonely and looking for a change, Jerry calls up the "Helping Hands" agency. But he gets rather more than he bargained for--and all of it in Sean's warm, uninhibited and seductive voice. As Beauty Does by J.L. Merrow Turning tricks just about pays enough for Nathan to share a flat while he pursues his A levels and a more promising career. But when his private life and his professional life overlap in the person of a teacher who's also a client, Nathan just about manages to cope--until disaster strikes and there's no keeping them separate any longer. The Four Seasons by Diana Copland When struggling law student Michael Connelly meets Christian St. Clare in the upscale Four Seasons bar, he's captivated by his looks and sophistication. He strikes up a conversation, only to discover Christian is a professional escort, waiting for a client. Charmed by the earnest and idealistic Michael, Christian offers his card, telling him to call "when he makes partner." Michael is quite sure he'll never see the handsome man again... until five years later, when fate throws them together for a single night... and four years after that, at a meeting that changes everything for them forever.