The Outcome of Sin

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 07/21/2009


Becca knows she's a monster.  No amount of philanthropy or repentance can change that fact.  Now in her seventies, she's seen it all and is ready to die.  Becca's survived the world's near extinction, and witnessed the planet transformed by cosmological catastrophe into an unfamiliar landscape and sky.  She's seen it all, but nothing prepared her for what was to come next.  As a result of an ill-conceived suicide attempt, Becca's life takes a major turn towards the bizarre.  She downs a chemical cocktail containing tequila, tranquilizers, and an experimental neurological drug.  The combination should have destroyed all brain activity; instead she awakens to find herself, and society around her changing.  Not only is she still alive, but she's better than she was before.  Becca discovers that she is getting smarter; and odder yet, she's getting younger.  And she's not alone.  Reports are coming in of other people gaining youth and unusual abilities from the neurological drug.  Now, physically fifty years younger and a virtual super-genius, she is absorbed into the absurd and irrational world of the newly emerging superhero lifestyle.  Becca struggles to solve the mystery of who killed scientific progress, and what their sinister plans really are.  And she has to do all of this without knowing with any certainty of who the actual good guys are.  Soon she is forced to come to terms with her past actions; struggle with her own identity in the present; and accept a fight to save a future that she never expected to see.

Also Available from Margret A. Treiber