Bitter Tree

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 07/23/2009


Eleanor could not have known the effect the handsome, idealistic archeologist, Rene, would have on her. She gave him her heart, but did not easily give up her secrets. She knew the mystery hidden under the desert sands; one of the Bible's most intriguing stories was not the miracle that would bring clean safe water to the world's thirsty poor as Rene believed. She knew it was instead, a weapon that could humble the world's industrial powers and they would kill to keep it hidden. Trapped between the longings of her heart and the danger she has unleashed, Eleanor finds herself on the run and separated from the man she loves. She must do the impossible, overcome her mentor and former CIA boss, Steve Clarkson as well as the men plotting to destroy the strategic oil reserve, poisoning the US economy's lifeblood. To Steve she is a traitor who joined his nation's enemies. To the terrorists she is the one person who can stop them.

Also Available from Frank Altobelli