The I'm not your Princess Diaries by Shelby Sweet: Book 1

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Categories: Young Adult
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing/Wild Child Publishing | Date published: 11/20/2008


In this first installment of the Shelby Sweet diaries, the troubled Shelby has a terrible secret that could blow her whole life to smithereens. Her most important job is to never tell a soul. Ever. Shelby meets Scott, who leads the tween youth group at the family church. Shelby is sure she could never be worthy of someone like Scott, but she keeps bumping into him. Then there is C.W., her mysterious and totally gorgeous next door neighbor, who keeps sending out mixed signals. Her sister refuses to speak to her, and something is horribly wrong with Grandma Sweet. Worst of all, there is the lingering fear that at any moment, Shelby's father might sweep the family away again to some new town and she'll have to start all over. Is it worth getting close to anyone at all? With the help of some new friends, and a grandmother just struck down by Alzheimer's, she learns that while people may fail you, there is a love that never will.

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