Reckless Angel

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin/Harlequin Readers' Choice | Date published: 06/16/2009


Toni del Rio specialized in turning real-life crime into bestselling fiction, and she was aware that danger came with the territory. This time, however, she was in over her head. While researching the New York underworld for her latest book, she'd witnessed a mob hit. Now a thug was pointing a gun at her in a shadowy alley, and she knew she was a goner.... Undercover FBI agent Nick Manelli wasn't about to kill anyone, but if he didn't hide the woman immediately, they would both be dead. So he brought her to the only haven he knew--his place. Alone with Nick in close quarters, Toni couldn't help fantasizing about her rugged captor--and the desire, she soon discovered, was mutual....