Cult of the Damned (The Wraith Series, Book 3)

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Categories: Fantasy/Horror
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment | Date published: 06/05/2009


The Wraith returns in this amazing tale of heroism, deadly evil and horror. With the city back firmly in his grasp, crime lord and entrepreneur Robert Latham is celebrating by bankrolling Metro City's 200th anniversary gala year, which includes the unveiling of a never-before-seen ancient Aztec stone carving--the Cortes Stone--at the City Gallery, a carving that has thrilled the scientific and artistic communities, but infuriated the monstrous Aztekoth. Now, Aztekoth has formed his own cult of primeval, revenge-minded Aztec warriors who are capable of any atrocity. Their aim: to retrieve the carving, seek retribution upon its desecrators, and recreate their long-dead empire with the flesh of the population of Metro City! Cult of the Damned is another thrilling adventure in The Wraith series, and is proof again of Dirscherl's unmatched ability to entertain in the pulp-style for a modern audience.