Baseball's Sixth Tool

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Categories: Sports/Entertainment
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies/McGraw-Hill | Date published: 06/08/2009


Put your game into overdrive with this complete guide to harnessing your athletic instincts. In baseball, a five-tool player possesses the five most important skills: hitting for power, hitting for average, defense, arm strength, and speed. But there is one essential skill that brings it all together: Baseball's Sixth Tool. It's that extra something, an X-factor that can make a good player great. In this fully illustrated, information-packed guide, coach Mark Gola shows you how to use your smarts to channel your instincts, psych out your opponents, deal with pressure, and much more. Whether you're in Little League or heading for the majors, you'll find all the answers in these 105 helpful tips written expressly to teach you how to: Fire up your baserunning without increasing speed; Step up your defensive play using keen observation and communication; Master pitching with super-smart strategies; Perfect your swing by getting prepared before you step to the plate; And become the all-around all-star player that every coach wants

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