Song of Isis

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory | Date published: 08/01/1998


CPR in ancient Egypt? Alexandria Stone is a physician with all the techniques of modern medicine at her disposal, but when an x-ray of a mummy found at her father's archeological dig reveals a procedure that hadn't been developed four thousand years ago, her excitement overcomes her scientist's logic. Determined to prove her theory, she visits her father's dig. In the hidden room of a pharaoh's tomb, her father discovers an ancient scroll lying near a statue of the goddess, Isis. When Alex attempts to sing the song written on it, she is transported back in time--and right into the arms of the best looking hunk she's ever encountered: Tarik, chief physician to Pharaoh Mentuhotep. Despite his attraction to the lovely time traveler, Tarik is bound by honor to give her to Pharaoh as his concubine. A world of implausible sights and unimaginable pleasures captivates Alex's senses, while the love of Tarik holds her heart spellbound even as she tries to unravel the magical secret of Song of Isis. [Cover Art by Dirk A. Wolf]