Disrobed and Dishonored

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin/Historical | Date published: 05/11/2009


Hidden behind a mask, Jonathan Kirkland, Lord Redcliffe, has disguised himself as a highwayman to win a wager: to collect kisses from the first five women who pass. With only one kiss left, victory seems easy...until he encounters Miss Sarah Tatton, who has fled on horseback to escape her vile fianc. Distraught and desperate, the last thing Sarah needs is to run straight into the arms of a highwayman. But his heart-stopping kiss gives Sarah an idea--to lose her virginity in order to break her engagement. And the surprisingly gentlemanlike thief is just the man to teach her the art of love...at least enough to pretend that she has lost her virtue. But as Jonathan and Sarah's passion grows, all pretense must come to an end...