The Hellenic Revenge

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Whispers Publishing | Date published: 04/24/2009


Damien is motivated by revenge when he dupes Faith into coming to Crete. Caught up in circumstances beyond her control and her experience, Faith is terrified and confused. From Damien's harsh words, it is evident her aunt is in some way involved.

When Damien forces her to marry him and makes no secret that she will provide him with heirs willingly or not, Faith is very much out of her depth. Faith loves her aunt Lana who had become her rock since she lost her parents and she could and would not let her aunt suffer.

This unhappy start to their relationship means the couple struggles to establish a life as husband and wife. But Faith's inherent goodness captures the stern Greek's heart and proves love is always worth the toil.