Looking for Love: Harmony Village Series, Vol. 1

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Categories: Romance/Spiritual/Religion
Publisher: ebooksonthe.net | Date published: 03/27/2009


Runaway bride Maggie Egan leaves town for the big city with only a knapsack on her back and a secret in her heart. Now, older, wiser, and broke, she returns, with all her worldly possessions stacked in the backseat of a beat-up old car and her twelve-year-old secret, a daughter, seated in the front. Managing the cafe is just what she needs to rebuild her life. What she does not need is the owner of the cafe snooping around. He's handsome, charming, and...her daughter's father. Stefan Chapeski is surprised he still feels hurt, resentment, and...attraction toward Maggie. Stay away, he vows as old feelings resurface and his heart does a tailspin in his chest, except...he can't quite put his finger on it, but there is something oddly familiar about the girl and he does employ her mother. And, oh well, Stefan is in need of a coffee, one brewed by Maggie. But, when the plan to rekindle the romance is kidnapped and held at gunpoint, the services of the town's indomitable matchmaker are required. Reporting for duty...Cupid Cat. He's not above baring his fangs to make sure his clients are Looking For Love in the right place.