Pork Chops

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Categories: Mainstream/Humor
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 01/01/2009


Anne Lynch is back in town and wants to sink the Dwenglesmyth ship. She and the old guard teachers are convinced the little cockroach principal demolished their parish school teaching careers. Something has to be done to stop his running/ruining the parish school and reverse the decision to fire all the over forty ladies--just because--who gave their teaching lives to their beloved parish. So in a moment of questionable bravado, Anne infiltrates the parish complex as chief cook and bottle washer and moves into the parish palace to smarm her way into the affections of the priests who live there--one pork chop at a time. Relying on a totally Catholic set of rules, the bad habits of some spurious parish perennials, and two terribly hungry priests, Anne and her ladies storm the church walls with a hilarious roller coaster ride of fun and frolic.

Also Available from Judith Anne Lyden