The Last Cavalier

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Categories: Romance/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Harlequin/Mira | Date published: 03/16/2009


The battle was raging, the air hot with smoke, loud with rifle fire. Then the air turned dim with an eerie mist, and for Jason Tarkenton, captain of the Confederate cavalry, the true nightmare began. Vickie Knox was today's woman dressed like yesterday's, wearing Yankee garb to play a part. But playacting ended when a Reb stepped out of the mist and took her prisoner--for real. They never should have met, never should have battled--never should have loved. But something had gone wrong with time itself, weaving together past and present like torn threads of a tattered tapestry. Something had gone wrong, and in mending such shredded silk, their love--and their lives--might be the final sacrifice.