Asad's Mate [Felidae 2]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC | Date published: 03/07/2007


Asad Gatti knows what he wants. Asad has lusted after Catan ever since the pride rescued the little Lynx from a brutal attack, but he is afraid his desire for him will push Catan into running from him. Yet, he wants Catan as his mate. Catan Lynxis is afraid of what he wants. Catan's dreams are filled with terror. He can't rid himself of the overwhelming fear he has for the men who attacked him and his family. The only man he has ever wanted is Asad, but he isn't sure if he can ever be what the big Leo needs. When Catan is captured by the same men who brutalized him once before, with the help of his pride, Asad must do everything he can to save him. Can Asad and Catan ever have a future together when their love is haunted with fear from the past?