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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Carnal Desires Publishing | Date published: 02/17/2009


Her dreams for a normal life shattered by an uncaring mother and an abusive father, Sarah goes on her own at eighteen. Unsure of her future, she heads for Las Vegas to find Hailey, a beautiful CELT (contract escort long term) who, not long ago, captured Sarah's imagination and stirred hidden feelings Sarah doesn't understand. CELT contracts are legal now, even when the agreement includes BDSM provisions. Sarah finds this idea appealing. Hailey persuades Sarah to accept an assignment in Dubai, where, for a while, the two girls live a lifestyle featuring rich men and exciting times. Having become lovers, they explore the pleasures of sexual submission. A worldwide financial crisis spins out of control so quickly that the two girls become trapped in Dubai when air travel to and from the area is suspended. With bombs flying and governments disappearing, the Middle East becomes dangerous ground for unattached American women. The Sheikh who holds their contract eventually rescues them from Dubai and installs them in his new Kingdom. Jared, an idealistic American Major, serves in an American division whose mission is to take a Kuwaiti oil field. Jared is captured by the Sheikh while on patrol. While a prisoner, he encounters Sarah, who manages to extract from him information that allows the Sheikh to defeat the American force. Jared is labeled a traitor by the Americans. Magnanimous in victory, the Sheikh offers Jared a position as a mercenary. At first appalled by the idea, Jared comes to see that this is his only option. As an added inducement and reward, the Sheikh assigns Sarah's and Hailey's CELT contracts to Jared. Jared sees Sarah as the cause of his traitorous behavior and the death of his friends. Since her contract stipulates BDSM, and since there is no option for her to leave the Sheikh's protection, Jared can legally punish her as severely as he sees fit. Sarah learns to live with his hatred and even develops a hidden affection. She understands that self-loathing drives his behavior to her. After a year, the Sheikh orders Jared to undertake a mission in Europe. He also instructs Jared to take Sarah with him, and give her the opportunity to transfer her CELT contract to a new owner: a European or an American. During the journey, Sarah is captured by bandits. Jared mounts a rescue, but he is still obsessed with what he views as Sarah's crime. An unforeseen revelation by a friend shocks Jared profoundly, even as it deepens his self-knowledge. This new insight leads to a startling conclusion to this tale of two deeply conflicted lovers.

Also Available from Diana Philbrick