Alien Thought

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Categories: Science Fiction/Young Adult
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 10/01/2001


An ordinary Saturday morning turns extraordinary for seventeen year old Dave Duggan when a couple of girls from his school ask for help to find their way into the mountains beyond the town. One of the girls he has known for a long time, but the other is new to the school and there is an intriguing mystery about why she is there. The jaunt is at first uneventful, but when they get into the mountains and enter an area of rainforest, without warning things began to die around them. Dave almost dies in an attack from an unknown source. At first they believe that they have come in contact with poison from misdirected aerial spraying, but that theory soon becomes untenable and far more sinister possibilities take shape. Dave must grow up very quickly as he finds himself losing his heart while in very real danger of losing his life.