In Sunshine or In Shadow

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Categories: Romance/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Highland Press/Eire | Date published: 01/01/2006


A Gambler With a Thirst for Revenge After a lifetime in exile, stakes are high for one-time gambler Rory O'Brien as he returns to the village of Ballycashel. Has he come back to destroy the village that haunts his pas t, or to atone for the sins of his father? When drawn into the lives and loves of his newly-acquired tenants, his thirst for vengeance is quenched by an unexpected yearning for peace--and love. Can Rory overcome the ghosts of his past, or will old enemies destroy the new life he's come to love? A Valiant Survivor of Famine and Tyranny Siobhán Desmond will do anything to keep the tattered remains of her family alive, even if it means working for the new landlord--a darkly handsome stranger with secrets in his eyes and pain in his smile. As she watches her village return to life and begin to thrive under Rory's care, she comes to understand his true nature and soon finds herself falling under his dangerously sensual spell. As danger ignites all around them, Rory and Siobhán fight to right the wrongs of the past--and protect their newfound love. In Sunshine or In Shadow

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