Dance With the Devil

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 01/09/2009


War! Tom Holloway and his Southern friends are excited about the prospects. But what do they know of war? Only what they read about in the newspapers. They envision the whole thing as an adventure, something to prove their manhood, to make them into men. A quick, few-month diversion from their sometimes boring school regimen. A chance to be part of a winning team. But words from a grizzled war veteran sets Tom to thinking. And he remembers those words as he marches off with his friends to do battle against the Yankees. The foursome soon find out that war is indeed hell as they watch friends and comrades die in a volley of gun and cannon fire on blood-soaked ground. Hunger, cold, fatigue, fear and resignation are soon the only comrades they have left.

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