The $3,000,000 Turnover

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/1974


"Officially, I'm an agent. I represent professional athletes in basketball, football, tennis, golf. You name it; if money is paid for any athletic performance short of copulation, I take a commission on it. I say 'officially.' Unofficially, I've backed into another job: troubleshooting for the management of professional sports leagues--a kind of undercover operator. And it was this Richie Sadler case that got me into it. Aside from a hairline fracture of my cheekbone, temporary blindness, a scrotumful of somebody's knee and the loss of the most promising marital prospect since my divorce, I didn't get anything out of this case but the right to keep a staggering commission that really belonged to me. But, now, when people in the sports world need someone to help unglue the fixes, wrestle with the drug problems, the gangsterism and the sex scandals, they call on Dave Bolt."