The Finish Line [Room 59 Series Book 5]

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Harlequin/Worldwide Library | Date published: 01/05/2009


The espionage game has a brand-new rule book. Agents joining the international clandestine group known as Room 59 are the new spymasters. Working beyond the reach of government bureaucracy, Room 59 recruits only the best of the best. The risks, the rewards--and the rush--are worth everything, including the ultimate sacrifice. After a routine surveillance mission on a quiet London street goes awry, operative David Southerland's reaction leaves him branded a cowboy. While his quick thinking gained valuable intelligence, breaching procedure is a violation that can end a career--or a life. His future in question, Southerland embarks on a desperate pursuit through the capitals of Europe. His mission is to hunt down the beautiful thief in possession of highly classifi ed security information. But the Room 59 agent is not the only hunter. Other very dangerous players are also seeking the prize, and he could become the prey....