Sky of Diamonds

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 12/10/2008


2356 CE A tense but long-lasting peace followed the First Galactic War. While diplomatic relations were established between the Confederacy and the Grugell Empire, the relationship remained tentative. Aided by the newfound ability to calibrate scanners to function during subspace transits, cross-border traffic became somewhat more enthusiastic. In a robust display of market economics, each side swiftly discovered that the other had commodities worth trading for. An illegal but brisk trade developed, with Grugell wines, art, weapons, and other goods coming into the Confederacy, and Confederate electronics, computers, and other high-tech equipment flowing into the Empire. The Confederate Navy set up a regular patrol along the Grugell frontier, but intercepting smugglers along the billions of cubic light-years of space was hopeless. More disturbing, the Navy had for some time suspected that cloaked Grugell ships routinely violated the border. The Navy still patrolled the area, with Task Force 947 maintaining a presence at "Alpha Station," an area of space between the closest settled worlds on either side. To support this operation, a major naval base was established on New Wichita, an agricultural world on the Confederate side of the line. It was a Confederate Navy medical cruiser, the CSS Charity, which was present at the incident that first gave evidence to an ancient, almost forgotten legend, and provided the first hints that there was a guiding influence that may have manipulated events in human society for a thousand years.