Love's A Beach

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Newsite Web Services Publishing | Date published: 09/20/2008


Christina and Jonah live in a two hundred year old farmhouse at the Jersey shore, where their family has been supplying peaches to the beach traffic for over fifty years. Christina is a modern woman -- an editor and a burgeoning freelance writer, married to a "Neanderthal" man. Jonah's a carpenter, surfer, and hippie musician who believes the best things in life are excellent waves, a simple lifestyle and the love of a good woman who obeys him or finds herself sprawled across his lap, receiving a healthy dose of his old-fashioned discipline. Of course, life is anything but simple, when paired with headstrong Christina, whose Irish roots and strong sense of loyalty and fun often descend into mayhem. She's a feisty Jersey Girl, a beauty with brains, wit, and a love of adventure that often lands her in a big heap of trouble. Will their love survive their differences? If you love romance, you'll love this story!