Unholy Night

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc. | Date published: 05/05/2008


Can love be found on the unholiest night of the year? There are some things Marissa Van Dyke won't do--celebrate Halloween is one of them. When she's guilted into attending a Halloween party, a flamboyant woman dressed as a gypsy claims Marissa will be saved three times before she's finally free. Foolish Halloween games, according to Marissa. Her life is fine; not perfect, but good enough, and nothing could save her anyway. All she wants is to leave the party until a man named Neil Drigan materializes at her side, making her forget everything but his hauntingly familiar green eyes. His animal magnetism is a dangerous temptation on a night she's always reserved for mourning. Can there be salvation under his powerful presence--even on such an unholy night? Warning: Some explicit sex, shapeshifting characters, and a tiny bit of psychic abilities.