Hunting Sorrow [The Curse of Setp n Re Mery Amun]

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Categories: Horror/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 11/19/2008


"The Hunting Sorrow" opens in Cairo, 1992. The unearthing of the tomb of Alexander of Macedonia, who ruled Egypt as Setp n Re Mery Amun, unleashes a terrible curse, taking revenge not only on those who trespassed on this grave, but on all who have stolen from the ancient burial chambers and violated the Egyptian dead through all the years--or their descendants as the worst earthquake in Egypt's modern history destroys the city and all its surroundings. When the mummified body of Alexander is reborn as a spirit of vengeance bent on wreaking havoc over all the world, it falls upon an investigator for the Supreme Council of Antiquities and a young high school boy to prevent this terror before it truly begins--a plight that will take them first to England, and then America as they follow in the wake of its path of revenge. Rahibe Rajab is investigating the thefts of numerous ancient artifacts when the tomb of Setp n Mery Amun is violated and the earthquake strikes Cairo. After many years of working among the sands of Egypt, Rahibe has become accustomed to its supernatural aspects, and recognizes the magic behind the recent shuddering of the earth, as the mummy of Alexander awakens. Long years of research has familiarized him with the curse. Akmad Imandi, barely 15 years old, finds himself suddenly alone when the earthquake kills his entire family. But when he sees a figure chasing him through the ruined city, Akmad as well recognizes its true nature... For he had heard of the tales of the curse of Sept n Mery Amun since he was very little. In fact, his family itself were said to be the keepers of Alexander's tomb, and its secrets. Finding that the terrible spirit of vengeance and sorrow has been unleashed upon the world can only mean one thing to Akmad--and that is not only were the stories true, but also, someone in his family--most likely his father--had not only told of the secret, but also violated the tomb. Which means Akmad is the last of his line, and is destined to be killed himself, unless he can find a way to stop the mummy's rampage first. While the spirit of Alexander is hunting down the stolen artifacts from its tomb in order to make itself whole again, Akmad and Rahibe team up, and begin to pursue a away to stop the Sorrow, even as it hunts them. They must travel to England to find the secret to bring the evil down, before it can become complete in its powers. Meanwhile, the Sorrow goes to California to reclaimed the last of its missing parts--a hand that was stolen by one of the initial tomb robbers, and send to his family in America--David Rutledge and his fiance Sarah Bryant--who have no idea what is coming for them. Once they reclaim its trail, Akmad and Rahibe converge upon it there, and a confrontation occurs, which leaves Akmad dead--and the spirit at last able to assume its full powers. Rahibe, David, and Sarah now must chase the thing down and put a final end to its rampage, as all the ancient dead are about to awaken the world over.

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