Journey of a Woman Marine: Life, Love, And Travels During and After the Marine Corps

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Categories: General Nonfiction/Self Improvement
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 10/01/2008


Tired of changing her major every week and drinking 40s in Harvard Square, Lisa Cordeiro leaves Boston to embark on an adventure. She enlists in the Marine Corp--a decision that profoundly changes her life. After graduating from boot camp, she trains in the California desert and meets a Marine she could never befriend back home. Then, she deploys to Okinawa, Japan--a beautiful, tropical island where a nightmarish twist unfolds. Lisa grew up in the Corps, as a woman struggling in a world of "A Few Good Men." After the Marines, she embarks on a solo adventure through Europe, settling in Paris, trying to leave painful memories behind and discover who she really is. Join Lisa on her worldwide adventure with love, travel, and self-discovery. And see why sometimes, it takes a journey around the world to find what you're looking for right where you began. This is the thrilling sequel to Lisa Cordeiro's PARRIS ISLAND: A WOMAN'S MEMOIR OF MARINE CORPS BOOT CAMP