Dragon's Angel

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Categories: Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Champagne Books | Date published: 10/01/2008


A disembodied voice has Keely Morgan feeling like her sanity is slipping away. A pulling desire leads her to bar she's never been to before and close to a man she's never met. Xavier Blake is assaulted with images of black dragons and painful destruction; flashes that seem almost like memories. Keely walks into the bar and heads straight for his table. He's never seen her before but with her close he suddenly feels complete. When a madman attacks Keely, Xavier somehow senses her fear and saves her. Strange forces push them closer together and take them from the world they know to a place where magic exists, unicorns dance and dragons fly. Destiny foretells they will unite and after a hard battle will reign as the king and queen of Grogan. Can they overcome the evil that plots to destroy them?