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Categories: Young Adult
Publisher: Treble Heart Books | Date published: 11/03/2008


ALEX, a determined teenager, reaches farther than her grasp. Caught in the adolescent tall/short conflict, she strives for a ballet career, despite being only five feet tall. A redhead temper, unique friendships and new challenges contribute to Alex's growing into her ultimate choice. Undeterred by a professional dancer's rebuff, she leaves her family, boyfriend and best friend to train in New York City, with hopes of auditioning with a professional ballet company. A dance group is formed with her quiet, unattractive roommate, Larisa; Turner, the only male, haughty, highly-driven; Therese; jaunty, not-so-dedicated, Merima; and Nora of slow southern temperament. Working through the pain of Larisa's tragic loss, Alex comes to a surprising realization. Nearly professional competition offers tempting alternatives, body manipulation, drugs. Larisa's secret revealed precipitates a moral decision.

Also Available from Sally Hickey