The Birthday Gift

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Categories: Erotica/Bisexual Erotica
Publisher: Excessica Publishing | Date published: 11/17/2008


Meredith is a cake-baking, apron-wearing small-town Canadian mom. Her guiding principle in life is, "What would June Cleaver do?" That is, until a curious set of circumstances cause her to crash an outdoor gathering where she stumbles upon a pair of delicious hunks getting a little hands-on with each other. Surely June Cleaver would have headed for the hills at the sight! Not Meredith. This relaxed get-together really heats up when one man's wife appears on the scene? and encourages Meredith to join in. Whew! Hot stuff! But the story's not over yet. There's still the tropical vacation, the confinement in foreign prison, the trial for freedom? and, hey, where's Meredith's husband in all this? It is his birthday, after all?