The Plausible Prince

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Categories: Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Uncial Press | Date published: 10/17/2008


Asthmatic teacher Matt Southers is busy hating his job and his life when two oddly dressed strangers make him a crazy offer. He knows they can't be serious, but the offer brings back memories of his role-playing days in college and he agrees to at least discuss it over burgers. Several beers later, Matt awakens in a bed not his own, on a world not his own, and is thrust into an impossible role. He must take the place of a dead prince and lead an army to defeat a powerful wizard. Impossible? Heck, yes! He's sure he can't do it. But then he meets Commander Ria Hawkmoon, who is like no other woman he's ever met. Before he knows it, he's in love with her. Too bad, since she's carrying a torch for the dead prince--Matt's double--and she seems to hate Matt for being so much like the prince. Can things get any worse? Well, yes, they can, when the evil wizard Gremian Brecc strikes and the final battle for Urrathe begins?