Marked As His Slave [Celeste's Captivity VIII]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions | Date published: 10/27/2008


THE MASTERFUL CONCLUJSION OF TERRI PRAY'S GRAND SAGA OF BONDAGE, SUBMISSION AND CELESTE! Since first being enslaved by Lord Despite a brief passionate kiss from a mysterious highwayman, proud, confident Celeste had never been touched or even stirred by a man. Then, one she was taken captive by Lord Davien Blood, who enjoyed training women to become his obedient slaves. Under his harsh tutelage, Stripped, beaten, nameless and reduced to a beast, Celeste, had one choice, submit completely or face endless punishments and degradations. Then despite herself Celeste felt herself falling in love with Davien, only to be torn away by the bold highwayman known as the Raven, a man who, once he had beheld Celeste's beauties, could also only think of dominating her until she was completely submissive to his will. And for the Raven too Celeste feels something that may be love. For months Celeste has been torn between and forced to serve as their submissive sexual chattel by each man several times over, drawn to both but unable to tell where her heart lies, which is her true Master. Now in the flaming conclusion to her saga Celeste's heart speaks clearly and she learns at last which of the men is truly master of her soul. But to pay the price of this knowledge, Celeste will have to let herself be marked in blood.

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