Heavyweight Armagedddon!: The Tyson-Lewis Heavyweight Battle

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Categories: Sports/Entertainment/History
Publisher: Zumaya Publications/Zumaya Publications | Date published: 09/15/2008


Eighteen years after they first boxed together as teens, noted trainer Cus D'Amato's prophecy came true--Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis waged fistic war in Memphis in 2002 in a colossal $110 million showdown for the most prestigious title in all of sport. This heavyweight championship event arrested the attention of the world for all the wrong and right reasons. Dressed in black, Mike Tyson, the infamously violent wrecking machine, faced the dignified and gentlemanly pugilist specialist Lennox Lewis, garbed in white. "Heavyweight Armageddon!" takes you far behind the scenes of this symbolic sociological battle, which proved once again that, in the end, the force of good will ultimately overcome and conquer the threat of evil.

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